Posted by : Lucy 4.04.2018

NEW GOODS for Anli Pollicino Best Album Release "Perfect Package " 

NEW GOODS for the "Perfect Package" memorial One-man .they will be on sales the 7th of April at Ebisu performance that start at 2pm
 Prior sales can also be used if you do not have a live ticket
*for each 2500 ¥ purchase you get 1 cheki as a gift

◆ Face Towel 
Best Album "Perfect Package of Anli Pollicino" Specifications Design. 
A motif of "A" stands out in the red background! 
Color: Black × Red 
Size:  W80 × H34 cm 
price: ¥ 1,600 (tax included)

◆ BIG T-shirt 
Body color: Black 
size: one size (Length about 78 cm, width of a garment about 60 cm, sleeve length about 53 cm) 
price: ¥ 3,300 (tax included)

◆ Photo Set (2018_B) Photo  
It is a set of 5 photos . 
price: ¥ 1,000 (tax included)

◆ Live Photo Set 
last November 19 Shinjuku BLAZE Performance Live Photo  
It is an 8 piece set of 2 individuals each. 
price: ¥ 1,200 (tax included)

◆ Unknown Cheki 
Member Cheki (wearing past costumes) 1 piece entered! 
Specification: 80 pocket / Cheki 160 sheets storage possibility. 
¥ 1,600 (tax included) 
* There are 2 members (8 kinds in all ) in past costumes.

◆ Photoset card   
One set of member cheki (past costume / present costume / goods T shirt wearing) is included in the set per hit. 
1 set 5 pieces 
Price: ¥ 500 (tax included)

◆Silicon bracelet
"PPAP" specification silicon band! In addition to black and red this time member image colors increased! 
Color: Black × Red, Red × Black, Pink × Black, Purple × Black, Green × Black 
price: ¥ 600 (tax included)

◆ Gacha (additional) 
· 2 can badges (8 kinds in all) 
· hand towel (4 kinds in all) 
· acrylic charm (4 kinds in all) 
¥ 500 (tax included) 

◆ Deadly Dance TOUR Finish Thanksgiving Lucky Bag
The lucky bag will contain the privious goods which cost ¥7500
price: ¥2500

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