Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 11.05.2016

Lyrics: Shindy
Music: Shindy & Takuma


Troubled upon touching the nameless soul,
I killed the moment
It is neither eternal nor tedious
She wishes an end to this easy rest
Each time we work out her intention,
the emptiness makes her laugh
In the two dimensional dream, our bodies entwined
It's a sweet dream in "Sepia"
Hurt everywhere, clearly, this is surely not going to change
This pain is a perfect "Signal" slightly seduced
Dance towards an eternal solitude
This voice that reads a sentimental story should be hers
When we listen withe all our heart beyond the night sky
We hear this lullaby
Hurt everywhere, discreetly, this will never end
This pain is a perfect "Signal" considerably seduced
Go not towards the eternal solitude
This voice that held you tight, I cannot erase a full life
I can see nothing, but only seek it
Abandonned to it's fate
Where does this helpless body go...
"Last Tears"

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