Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 3.02.2014

As you know, we are using the software hjsplit to be able to cut our nico nico recording files so we can upload them more easily. 
Here is a tutorial to help you to know how to use it for joining the parts that we have cut, so you can enjoy our recordings ;) 

I - Download hjsplit (totally free)

Go to 
and download the version of the software that is suitable for your platforms
(Windows, Linux, MAC...)

II - Extract the file

The file will come under a .zip form, so you have to extract it with a software like winrar

III - Run hjsplit

When you have extracted the file, the software is already in use ! No need to install anything ! You just have to click on this icon: 

IV - Join the parts

When you have downloaded all the parts of our recording (parts 001,002 and 003)
Click on 'Join' 

Click on 'Input' and choose the part .001

You don't have to search for the other parts, as long as you have placed them in the same folder as the number 001, hjsplit will find it autimatically and will prepare the joined file. You just have to click on 'Start'.

Wait that the work is finished and then you will be able to leave hjsplit, go search for your joined file that should be in the exact same folder as your cut parts but as an entire one .avi ^^
And then you can enjoy~

Hope this helped you to understand the way to do. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment.

tutorial made by Yeon

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