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With the release of "Angel Heart" in January, the boys will promote through instore events in the country, so if you are planning to go in Japan around those dates, be sure to not miss it ^^

Content of the event: Talk & handshake meeting
Lottery to participate in a 6 shot Cheki session

■ A ticket of participation will be given for each purchase of 2000yens (CDs, including the old ones) *You can buy several times the same product, it is allowed

Period of the Distribution of the ticket:
From December the 30th (Mon) to January the 5th (Mon) 
*Please contact the store for reservations and purchase.

January the 11th (Sat) - 15.00 - Tokyo Ikegami Kaikan
Store: Official order site of silkroad store ( Contact :
January the 19th (Sun) - 13.00 littleHEARTS Shinjuku
January the 19th (Sun) - 16.00 Like an Edison Tokyo
January the 26th (Sun) - 12.00 Tower Record Shinjuku
*Please contact the staff to reserve the old music, before the period of distribution
February the 1st (Sat) - 13.00 Shibuya ZEAL LINK
February the 1st (Sat) - 18.30 HMV Omiya Arche Store
* No phone reservations
February the 2nd (Sun) - 14.00 Shinseido Latin 5 Kashiwa
February the 7th (Fri) -  18.00 Osaka ZEAL LINK
February the 9th (Sun) - 13.00 Tower Record Namba store 4F
February the 14th (Fri) - 18.00 Sapporo music processing
February the 21th (Fri) - 18.30 Tower Record store Hiroshima
February the 24th (Mon) - 18.30 Tower Record Fukuoka store
February the 28th (Fri) - 18.00 Niigata R.I.P
March the 3rd (Mon) - 18.00 littleHEARTS Sendai store
March the 6th (Thu) - 18.30 HMV Sakae store
March the 8th (Sat) - 16.00 Like an Edison Nagoya
March the 8th (Sat) - 19.00 Nagoya fivestars

■ This is not allowed to give personally the gifts and letters to the members, please use the box at the venue or give it to the staff
■ Only the person who has been selected for the cheki session can participate
■ It is prohibited to shoot anything from the event and from the cheki session.
■ Do not loose your ticket as it won’t be given another one. Keep it in a safe place, and do not forget to take it with you the day of the event.
■ Please follow the instructions that will be given at the entrance of the event.
■If you have more than one ticket, you’ll have to go back at the end of the queue after your first participation.
■ This is no use to come before the time of the event.
■ Your ticket wil become invalid if you do not come there in time
■ Only one person for one ticket
■ The content of the even may change due to some circumstances, so please understand if it happens.
■ The shop is allowed to stop the event suddenly without prior notice, thank you for your understanding.
■ Bringing alcohol and other hazardous objects is strictly prohibited.
■ If you do not respect the rules and the instructions of the staff, you may be refused at the event.
■ The staff and organizers does not take any responsibilty for a trouble caused without following the rules inside the venue.
■ The items won’t be refunded except the defective ones.

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