Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 11.25.2013

In addition to the one-mans that have been announced for Tokyo and Osaka, the band have announced at the one-man yesterday in Harajuku Astro Hall, the dates for the one-man tour next year! Coupled with the instore events, the boys will have a busy schedule for the start of 2014!

Here are the new one-man scheduled:

February the 8th (Sat.)
"Electric Romance in Osaka"

February the 16th (Sun.)
Sapporo Link's
"Electric Romance in Sapporo"

February the 22nd (Sat.)
Hiroshima Namiki Junction
"Electric Romance in Hiroshima"

February the 23rd (Sun.)
Fukuoka DRUM Be-1
"Electric Romance in Fukuoka"

March the 1st (Sat.)
Niigata Club RIVERST
"Electric Romance in Niigata"

March the 2nd (Sun.)
Sendai MACNA
"Electric Romance in Sendai"

March the 7th (Fri.)
Nagoya ell.FITSALL
"Electric Romance in Nagoya"

The band have also announced a new live event for February the 15th with the band G.A.I.A. You can see it in the schedule.

And finally, the special photoset of Shindy as well as some of the new goods are now on sales at silkroadstore ^^

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