Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 8.03.2013

After all those weeks by working on it, the project is now done! The fanbook and the DVD will be given to the band at the one-man today ^^
You can see here the photos of them, and the streaming version of the DVD should be uploaded soon, probably tomorrow :) (edit: after a lot of problems, I think you'll have to wait more, but I'll do my best) As it is a very long DVD (2 hours of videos), this is very long to cut , encod, and upload.
We hope that you will like the work :3
All the photos couldn't appear on the book, so we placed them in the DVD.

Photos made by Bibi and Rina

A good new has just been announced by euclid agency for the band, as they will do 3 one-man in November! You can see the dates and venues in the schedule here ^^

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  1. why can everyone write "Hamburger" correctly, but not "Hamburg"....... *cries* even the Japanese write it "Humburg" all the time and in this fanbook it's "Hambourg" whyyy??

    and why are there those very old Shindy pictures from the tour before last years? @_@

  2. nevertheless well done. looking forward to the DVD.

  3. Wooooooooooow, this is AWESOME!!!! So great, very nice work ..... I feel all nostalgic now <3 I'm sure Anli will love it <3
    Thank you soooo much for all your hard work!! Can't wait to see the DVD later *.*


  4. To Anonymous, we are very sorry about the mistake we made about "Hamburg". The manager of the book is French and she wrote "Hamburg" in French without noticing. We hope that you can understand ^^

  5. Good job baby Yeon (oui oui c'est maman qui te parle lol)
    Les photos et les dessins sont juste trop beau franchement ! S'ils en parlent pas sur leurs blogs, ça va pas barder ! lol *out*

  6. Merci mamounette :3
    En fait pour l'instant ils n'en ont pas du tout parlé sur leur blog mais je suppose qu'ils ont eu tellement de lettres et cadeaux qu'ils n'ont pas pu tout voir pour l'instant ^^


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