Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 6.26.2013

I'm sorry for not updating a lot the blog T_T 
I was not here for a few days and now I'm sick :/ However, as this is the first year since the 2nd European Tour, you can follow our celebration almost everydays on the Twitter account, where we are sharing pictures and videos from each dates of the tour ! ^^ 
I'm taking this opportunity also to announce that now we are an official partner of cdJapan ! So now when you will click on their links from here, we will receive a little profit, which will help us to bring you more giveaways ! ^o^

Besides, there is a new I'd like to share with you concerning Shindy ; as there were a lot of worries about him.
Some days ago during the tour with Guild, Takuma, bassist of Guild, has uploaded a photo during a meal they had together, and we could have seen Shindy with a cigarette in hand. (actually we could have seen it also on the DVD bonus of the European Tour off shots)
As you may know, Shindy had a surgery for polyps and is not allowed to smoke anymore. 
The fans were very worried about Shindy's health and the activities of the band. That brought them to ask a lot about this to Shindy on his blog.

Shindy has written a blog entry to reasure the fans, that this cigarette is not tobacco at all! This is NEO CEDAR. You can assimilate it to a medicine to suppress the coughs, or an inhalation you take when you are sick. Shindy wanted to clear up this misunderstanding, and said that there is no reason that he could smoke again, or stop the activity of the band again. He felt really sorry for all the worries.

You can read the full blog of Shindy entry here

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