Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 3.19.2013

As it takes me too much time to write the news recap, I have decided to stop write them.
I am not fluent in Japanese, and I also have to make a good English, for just a few readers (about 10 instead of between 30 and 100 on other posts)

However, the news will still be updated here, by small posts ^^ 
And I'll give some details if there's something interesting/funny in the blogs via Twitter.
I am sorry for the regular readers, but this is too much work for not having any comments and more readers.

Anyways, as for the news, 

Shindy will do his first nico nico solo broadcast tomorrow at 23.00 (JST)! His broadcast is named "Shindy's cafe", and he will answer to the questions that he has received on his blog entry of March the 17th
Don't miss it if you can watch ^^ -> link

Masatoshi will do a new 24 hours nico nico on the 22th of this month too, until the 23rd, at 20.00 (JST). The content is yet to be decided, but I guess it will be mostly video gaming =) 

The band will have a interview appearance in the free Japanese magazine called "SEVEN", in the issue
n°009! Here is a photo from the interviewer's blog:

And finally, concerning Anlifacts, the contest I have announced will be held very soon! I am still waiting for the last prize to arrive at my place and then I'll talk about it so stay tuned ^^ 


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  1. I always looked forward to the news recaps u__u but I understand you. thanks for the news!

  2. ^ Thank you for always reading ^^
    If I was better at Japanese or had some translators it would have been easier. Anyways, I'll develop more on Twitter about what they says in their blog from now ^^

  3. thank you for your hard work!!


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