Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 3.21.2013

Finally, the second giveaway begins!

It's been one year that Anlifacts has been founded on Twitter and Tumblr, so I wanted to thank all of you for the support you give to the staff by giving you the chance to win one official item of Anli Pollicino!

The prizes are (in no particular order) :

- a flyer 
- a DVD with live footages
- a signed Masatoshi photocard
- a Yo-1 badge
- a Takuma little mirror
- a Shindy strap

Here's what you have to do, to have a chance to win one of those 6 differents and official gifts! ^^

Twitter contestants: (3 prizes to win)

- Follow @Anlifacts
- Send the the Tweet: "I join to the giveaway by @Anlifacts to have a chance to win an official goods of Anli Pollicino" 
- Tweet this only once, and you'll be added to a list to be randomly picked.

Tumblr contestants: (3 prizes to win)

- Follow anlipollicinofacts
- Reblog this message as many times as you want
- Let your ask box opened

Of course, you can try the two ways to win, so you'll have more chances :)
You can participate starting from now, until the 31rd of March (Sunday)!
The first winner will be picked on Tuesday the 26th, and each day, a winner will be randomly selected !

Tuesday 26th - tumblr winner (Yo-1 badge: fornicariis)
Wednesday 27th - twitter winner (Takuma mirror: @ZiffyZee)
Thursday 28th - tumblr winner (flyer: b-a-c-t-e-r-i-a)
Friday 29th - twitter winner (DVD: @_LostHeaveN)
Saturday 30th - tumblr winner (Shindy's strap : shindy-anon)
Sunday 31rd - twitter winner (Masatoshi's signed photo: @Shiizzuka)

For any questions, please ask by mentionning @Anlifacts or by sending the question in the ask box of the tumblr account.

This giveaway is opened worldwide!

Many thanks to all the persons who are making this giveaway possible!

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