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27/02: The band went to Osaka to shoot a video with the members of Guild for their upcoming tour. Takuma was nervous but he had fun. After, they went to eat a ramen with them. That was very welcomed, as he haven't ate anything since the morning. 

28/02: He been awakened by the telephone's ringer and was surprised that it was Masato from defspiral who was calling. He felt bad because he answered in a weird way, as he was just awake... 
He has tried to measure his body temperature before going to bed just for fun, but it seemed that his thermometer was broken, as it gave different temperatures each times. He said that he has also tried to change his cigarettes brand. 

01/03: He has thanked everyone who came to see them at the 2-man with defspiral. He said that he had fun, and asked if everyone enjoyed it too. He was very happy to do this Live with defspiral and said that he will work hard. He has thanked everyone for their letters and said that the band will go celebrate Kiyozumi's birthday at the restaurant just after. He has took a photo with Masato of defspiral:


27/02: He has talked about the video shooting with Guild, saying that they have arrived in Osaka at 8.00 in the morning and that after the make up was ready they have started immediately. Koichi (drummer of Guild) gave them the script, and Kiyo said that he was nervous jut by reading it. But he is really looking forward to see how it will look when it will be done. He went to eat ramen with Guild and the staff, saying that it was the first food of the day. He thanked Guild and the staff, saying that it was fun to work with them after a long time. 
The photo of the meeting, from Koichi's blog:

28/02: A new Live DVD for Litchi Hikari Club has been announced for March the 21st. Kiyozumi is looking forward to it, as he was playing at that concert with Masatoshi as session members ^^ The cover of the DVD: 


The DVD will cost 5.200yen and will be available on silkroadstore. But I guess you will be able to find it also on cdjapan ^^
Kiyozumi has updated his blog a second time the same day, to say that the Live with defspiral will be the day after.

01/03: He has updated his blog after the Live with defspiral, asking if everyone has enjoyed it. He said that Shindy and Takuma shared the stage with defspiral for the encore and that was exciting. He definitely wants to do a new Live with them one day. He has thanked them and the fans.


27/02: He has updated his blog after the video shooting with Guild, saying that it was very fun and that he is thinking that this will be a great video. He said that he was coming back to Tokyo and prepare himself for the live of the day after, saying to everyone to look forward to it. 

28/02: He has uploaded a photo of Kiyozumi from his birthday live event, as he forgot to show it before:

He was very happy because the limited edition of TRANCEFORMER and the album Farenheit31 went to be sold out in silkroadstore. He was also happy to read all the letters that he has received and thanked everyone for their support, saying that now he feels like he can have bigger dreams, like playing in the Budokan once...

01/03: He has updated his blog after the Live, giving the set list:

1. Labyrinth
2. L'étoile filante
- MC -
3. Sadistic Mania
4. Game of Love
5. Malignant Narcissism
-MC -
6. Snow Venus
7. Sungeki Raspberry
8. Slave Machine
9. Street Smarts

He was happy to play at this Live, though he was nervous. He was very happy that a lot of fans came and that the atmosphere was warm and happy. He finished by thanking everyone and showed his photo with Ryo of defspiral:

02/03: He has thanked again the persons who came to their Live the day before, and said that they went to celebrate Kiyozumi's birthday at a roast restaurant. He has finally finished the game "Project Zero" in the Nightmare level, saying that he wonders how many times he died, because the final boss was very hard. 


27/02: He has enjoyed the shooting with Guild, saying that it was a pleasant day. He asked to everyone to look forward to watch the video. 

01/03: He has congratulated all the students who graduated from the school and then talked about the 2-man with defspiral, saying that it was awesome and that he had fun. He thanked everyone who came and thanked defspiral fans for their warm welcome. 

02/03: He said that he has slept very good for the first time since a long time, and talked about the dinner he had with the members for Kiyozumi's birthday. He said that the next live will be the O.A for Guild in Osaka, and that he will enjoy it at the fullest. Then he gave some informations about the one-man for May, saying that he is still willing for a sold-out. 


27/02: He has talked about the video shooting with Guild, taking a photo with the video director Koichi.

He was a bit sleepy, as they had to wake up early after the Live with defspiral, but he said he was able to give his best for the video. He is looking forward to the public to appreciate it. He went to eat with all the team to the restaurant and took a photo with Ryuichi (vocal of Guild)

And he has also uploaded a photo of him with michi (S.Q.F) that he was able to take at Kiyozumi's birthday live event. He thanked everyone and said that he will come back to Tokyo during the middle of the night. He finished by saying that he always remove his socks to sleep into the car, and wondered if everyone was removing their socks to sleep in bed too. (same preoccupation than Yoichi? xD)

28/02: He said that he has slept a lot, until the afternoon. He was happy to see again Hannah-chan, already sad to know that he will have to gave her back soon. 

01/03: He has updated his blog after the Live with defspiral, saying that he had fun, and wishing a happy 4th year to the venue. He has thanked all the persons who have participated and for giving them love, saying that it was great to see their smile. A photo of him and Taka of defspiral:

02/03: He has talked about the dinner for Kiyozumi's birthday, saying that he fell asleep as soon as he went to bed after. Today, he went to the pet hotel to take back Hannah, saying that there were about 10 dogs running around. He said that he was really glad to have met her, because she gave her warmth and comfort. He really would like to have a dog. 
He said also that recently he is addicted to the serie "The Walking Dead", saying that this is really addicting. (And he is right, I advice you to watch it if you can bear zombies ^^)

New calendar update on the mobile site:

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