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11/03: He has talked about the start of the reservations for the tickets of the one-man of May (for the members of the fan club). He hopes to see a lot of people there. His hay fever is getting worse and he is thinking about going to the hospital to see if they have special treatments. 

12/03: He was in the middle of the preparations for the trip to Osaka for the tour with Guild. He went to the hairdresser to get a new color. He has announced the new goods, on sales starting from the 14th of March. A new muffler towel with purple and black color for 1.500yen, and earphone jacks, distributed in the gacha, for 500yen each (5 models).

13/03: After the nico nico broadcast, he asked if everyone has watched, and said that he has laughed a lot because of the punishment of Kiyozumi. (watch here). He was looking forward to their O.A for Guild the day after, and talked about his new hair color with dark grey and pink/ purple hair on the nape. 

14/03: He has updated his blog after the Live, thanking everyone, and saying that even if it was for a short moment, he had a lot of fun. He has take a photo with Koichi from Guild, who is wearing the same pattern of Takuma's shirt on his pants.

He has thanked Guild's fans and gave informations about the next Live date. 


09/03: He was very happy because of his Ameba rank, and said he will work hard in the future, thanking everyone. 

10/03: He has talked about the DVDs distribution, saying that he hoped to not catch another cold, as he was already feeling sick. 

11/03: He has talked about the pre-sales of the one-man's tickets for the FC, saying that he hoped for a sold out. He has announced the nico nico of the month, saying that everyon will see how they would feel before starting the tour with Guild. They have take some chekis (probably to sell during the tour), and Yo-1 missed one. They went to distribute free DVDs and Masa said that the weather was very cold with a strong wind. 

12/03: As his Ameba rank was at #69, it made him laugh. He said that they will leave for Kariya the next day, by car, and also talked about some things he has bought and the noodles he has eat. 

13/03: He has talked about the trip to Kariya, saying that the car was shaking a lot because of the wind, but they arrived safely. He has eat a ramen, and said he would have liked to go at that restaurant with his grand mother, but the taste was not like the old days. He has took a pic with her photo in the house. 

14/03: He was nervous because there were a lot of people at the Live, but he has enjoyed it. The set list:

1. Labyrinth
- Introduction -
2. Game of Love
3. Snow Venus

He hoped that everyone has enjoyed this short time. He was amused by the hair extensions of Yoshihiro, because they seemed to be too heavy for him. He has took a photo with Takuma (bassist of Guild), and said that he was happy of the warmth of everyone.

second photo from Takuma's blog


10/03: He went to the office to work on different things, including taking chekis and making the free DVDs. He just hoped that they would not have too wind outside, but he will do his best even if there was rain, or wind. 

13/03: He has talked about the trip to Kariya, the nico nico broadcast, and the new goods on sales. He was very excited about the Live of the next day, but his nose couldn't stop running. 
He has updated his blog again when they were in Kariya, saying that they arrived safely. During their break, they found a weird spoon and played with it. He has thanked everyone for watching the nico nico, saying that the loser was Kiyozumi, and talked about his kiss with Yama, saying that this one felt sick after xD 

14/03: He has thanked everyone for their warm welcome after the Live, saying that he has enjoyed this moment at the fullest. He has thanked also the band Guild, saying also that Yoshihiro's extensions seemed to be heavy. 


09/03: He has asked what everyone was doing on their Saturday, and said that the sky was very blue.

10/03: He has talked about the yellow sand (known also as Asian Dust), and asked if everyone was okay. He went to distribute the free DVDs in the evening, saying that the wind was very strong. 

11/03: He has updated his blog after the nico nico, hoping that everyone has enjoyed it. He said he has lost the game, but he didn't want to talk about the punishment he had to bear, just that if everyone wanted to see, they would have to watch the time-shift, if they have reserved for it. (Don't worry Kiyo, this is recorded now, so you can't escape~) 

14/03: He has thanked everyone after the Opening Act for Guild, saying that it was really good, and that he hopes everyone has enjoyed it despite the short time. 


09/03: He said he was sorry about his unpacking bag blog entry, saying that this entry would be a little more interesting. He gave the informations about the tickets sales for the one-man of May, saying that he will work hard and hopes for a sold out. He was very happy about his Ameba rank, because he was next to Masatoshi. He said he will work hard to be in the top50. 
He has talked about the bread snack he made to himself, saying again that he really would like to take a cheese bath once, as he really love it. 

10/03: His eyes were aching because of the yellow sand and he said he went to the office to take the DVDs and the chekis. 

11/03: He has talked again about the one-man of May, still hoping for a sold out. He said to everyone to watch the nico nico in two days. He said that he would announce the date of his own broadcast very soon. 

12/03: He went to shop and bought his favorite shampoo and throat candies. As he have to keep his eyebrows blond to match with his hair, he bought a coloring mixture at the drugstore, as he didn't want to go again to the beauty salon. He has explained how to use this cream, saying that it hurted and his eyebrows became red at first, but it seems he succeeded after trying one more time

13/03: He has updated his blog when he has arrived in Masas relative's house in Kariya, saying that the bed is comfortable, teasing the fans, asking if they wanted to come next to him because the place was free. 

14/03: He has thanked Guild, Guild's fans and Anli's fans after the Live, showing a photo of him with the singer Ryuichi, and saying that he was in a hurry as they now had to drive back to Tokyo.

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