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18/02: He went back to his home after coming to the office just after his return in Tokyo. He has thanked all the people who came to see them in Sapporo and who gave him letters. He has thanked also the staff and the band G.A.I.A before saying that the next time they will come in Hokkaido, this will be the next month with Guild. Then, he has uploaded a photo, asking to everyone if they know what this object was. He said that this is a video and sound recording device that they use always during their Lives. It has also recorded their Lives in Sapporo so they can review it. 

19/02: This day, they went to distribute free DVDs with PV and Live samples of the band and Guild, in a way to promote their upcoming tour with them. 


18/02: He said he came back from Hokkaido, even if the flight was very shaking. The flight been delayed of an hour and a half because of the bad weather si he was nervous about it. He is looking forward to come back to Sapporo though, because they will perform again there the next month, opening the show for Guild. 

19/02: He has talked about the creation of the free DVDs and their distribution, hoping everyone who will receive it will enjoy. They had also a rehearsal for the live event of the 21st, Yo-1 said he was looking forward to it. 

21/02: Today was the live event at Takadanobaba AREA, Yo-1 thanked everyone who came despite the cold weather. The set list:

1. Labyrinth
2. Game of Love
3. Slave Machine
4. Street Smarts

He said that he has dropped his phone in the car last night, and that he couldn't do anything without it. (So I guess he hasn't found it right after he dropped it). He said that the dependence is horrible and asked if everyone was dependent to their cell phone too. 


19/02: He said that he came back from the North the day before. He has uploaded a photo of the band with G.A.I.A. He said he had fun and thanked those who did the travel do see them. He was looking forward for the event on the 21st and asked to everyone if they will come to Kiyozumi's birthday live event.

20/02: He went to the rehearsal and then to eat a ramen with Shindy and Masatoshi. He sais that it was delicious but he couldn't have eat all. Then, they went to distribute the dvds though the very cold weather. 

21/02: After the live at Takadanobaba AREA, Thanked everyone who came. Today, he has tried new lenses: 

What do you think about it? ^^ He has aked to everyone if they have enjoyed the show, saying that he had fun. He said to them to come to Kiyozumi's birthday live event as well.


18/02: He said that he returned safely home, though the delay because of the snow. He took photos of Shindy and a baby sleeping in the plane:

He said that they will come back in Sapporo on the 29th of March with Guild, and asked to fans to wait for this. 

19/02: He noticed the fan that the hour for the live event of March the 1st has changed and announced his gift for celebrating his 2000 followers on Twitter. He did a Q&A on nico nico, answering to the questions sent to him via Twitter. (You can watch the recording of it here

20/02: He has thanked the people who has watched his nico nico of the day before , and said that he will do the same when he will reach 3000 followers. He has talked about the free DVDs distribution, saying that he felt that he was going to him because of the cold weather. He said to the fans to look forward to the live event of the day after. He has broadcasted the writting of his blog on nico nico and played bass. (You can watch the recording here -only the bass part-)

21/02: He has changed a bit his hairstyle for today's live and said that Yo-1 made a mistake on the paper of the goodies sales. He had fun though it was just a four songs set, and thanked everyone who came to see them. 


18/02: He said that he came back safely to Tokyo though the snowstorm. He went to the office to greet the staff. He was wondering also if the fans who came to see them in Sapporo had a safe trip back. 

20/02: He has talked about the rehearsal and the free DVDs distribution, saying that the weather was cold.

21/02: He said that he has a lot of fun at the live event and thanked everyone before talking about his birthday live event, as this will be the next one to come. 

A photo from the mobile site's digital goods:

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