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13/02: He has thanked all the people who has watched his nico nico with Takuma. Hi channel has been ranked at the 8th position of popularity. He has talked about the rehearsal for the next 2 live events, saying that he was feeling good about this. He has worked hard and said to everyone to look forward to the events. 

On Twitter, he has gave the link for his nico nico where he had teached how to play "Slave Machine", so you can watch it here (or else, Youtube links and download at this page)

14/02: He said that the band will left Tokyo to Hokkaido the day after for the 2 next live events and announced the nico nico of the month (you can watch it here). He has played to Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker while talking with a certain Hatsumi-san, no idea about who it is...maybe a staff member? If you know please tell me okay? ^^

15/02: The band arrived in Hokkaido. Masatoshi said that he has eat salmon eggs and that it was delicious. He has talked about the nico nico with the other members, saying that it was the first time playing with them all. It was a feeling like if he was in middle school. He has thanked everyone who has watched. He finished by saying that the day after will be the Live in Sapporo DUCE and that they had to be careful of the snow, mostly Kiyozumi (see in Takuma's digest) 

On Twitter, he has asked to Koichi (Guild) if he knew some good place to eat in Sapporo and then he thanked him for his recommendations. A photo of him, hiding under the desk (don't ask me why he was there), Takuma retweeted him, saying that he's been immediately attacked after taking this pic. 

A photo from the mobile site's blog

16/02: He said that the weather was very cold in Sapporo, showing a picture of stalactites. That was the first time he saw them and he had an unpleasant feeling about this. 

The set list of the live event : 

1. Sweet Kiss
- MC -
2. Taste Me
3. L'étoile filante
- MC - 
4. Game of Love
5. Malignant Narcissism
- MC -
6. Peaceful Sleep
7. Labyrinth
8. Slave Machine
9. Street Smarts
- Encore - 
10. Monochrome

He has thanked everyone who came to see them and said to them to take some rest if they will come to the second live event the day after too. 

17/02: The second Live in Hokkaido. Masatoshi apologized because there was some kind of technical problem involving the equipment. He has thanked everyone who came to see them during these 2 days and said to wait for them, as they will come back in March. He said that he really liked Sapporo and this region, though it is a cold region, the people are warm. 

A photo from the mobile site's virtual goods:


13/02: He has talked about the rehearsal in the studio and said that there was a difference because they have changed their amplifiers. He was kinda impatient to be able to taste the seafood of Hokkaido and asked if everyone liked fish and sellfish.

15/02: He was impressed by all the snow in Hokkaido, saying that it was really in a different league than Tokyo. He made fun about the security plans, wondering if those positions were really safe. He has shown the pictures of their room and of Kiyo who has fell on the ground, causing the laughters of everyone. He has thanked everyone and said that he will enjoy the Live of the day after.

16/02: He has updated his blog after the Live, thanking everyone who came, and asking if they had fun. He said that the live was a bit longer than usual and that they played some songs that they didn't played since a long tome. He also said that they will come back to this town in March so the fans came come to see them again. 

17/02: He has thanked everyone who came to see them at this second Live, saying that he has wear his red outfit after a long time without. He asked to the people who has saw them for the first time if they liked it and he said that he had fun. He wants to come again because he fell in love with Hokkaido. 


15/02: He has updated his blog to say that they arrived safely in Spaporo and he ate some seafood to have strength for the Live of the day after. He has talked also about Valentines Day, saying sadly that he hasn't received any chocolates. 

16/02: He said that he was very happy to meet everyone at the Live and thanked the fans who came to the north for them and also the local fans. 

17/02: He has thanked everyone for this second day in Sapporo, and said that the next time they will come would be in the next month (see the schedule). He said that today they were wearing their red outfit instead of the black ones and asked for the fans opinion. 


13/02: He has talked about the last rehearsal before the departure for Hokkaido and he went to the beauty salon to cut his hair.

15/02: He has updated his blog after the nico nico, talking about the departure for Hokkaido. They were affraid to arrive late for the flight because of the amount of snow. He said that this was the most cold day they ever had in the capital. He said that he has fell on the snow in Sapporo and that Takuma took a photo of the scene (see above). He has thanked all the people who has watched the nico nico and said to them to sleep for being in good condition for the Live of the day after.

16/02: He said that the weather was very cold but the people were very warm and he showed the new hairstyle that he tried.

17/02: He has thanked everyone for their work of these two days, the staff and the fans. He said to be careful in the way back and to not slip on the snow. 


13/02: He said that the departure for Hokkaido will be in 2 two days. He has eat with Masatoshi, pasta with tomato and mozzarella. He has talked also a bit about Valentines Day, asking how everyone was spending this day. 

15/02: He has updated his blog, saying that he has arrived safely in Hokkaido. As usual, he has been scared of the plane, but he has the strategy of sleeping very few before the flight, so he can sleep during it and forget his fear. But this plane was very small, and shaking. He has asked if everyone had watched the nico nico and said that he was the number one of the game, but for some reason he received also a punishment. 

16/02: He has thanked everyone who went to see them and during this hour that he was playing, he has forgot that outside the weather was so cold. He was looking forward to the second live and asked of everyone was prefering him with blond or red hair.

17/02: He has thanked again everyone for coming to see them. The set list:

1. Labyrinth
2. Game of Love
3. L'étoile filante
4. Snow Venus
6. Slave Machine
7. Colors

He has thanked also the other bands who were there, saying that it was a very good time. 

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