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10/02: He went to cheer GUILD at their one-man in Shibuya O-EAST. But he couldn't get his revenge over Koichi (if you remember the story with his mobile phone), because he didn't have the time. Maybe another time~ Also, he was pleased to announce that Anli will also appear as the opening act band for the 2nd par tof GUILD's national tour! So they will be busy starting from March to the end of Spetember! (see the schedule). He thanked everyone including Guild, the fans, and the staff. He has bought a leopard printed jacket, and asked if it was cute.


09/02: He went to eat some meat, as the 9th of February is "Niku" (meat). And he said that he wanted to eat bibimbap also (Korean dish).
10/02: He has announced the Part 2 of the tour with Guild and thanked everyone in the country.
11/02: He is very excited about doing this tour with Guild, as this will be a total of 46 performances! He said that this year will be a great opportunity to make Anli known by a lot of people so each performance will be important. He thanked again everyone and said that he will work well. 

And a photo from the mobile site's goodies:


10/02: He has thanked everyone who has watched his nico nico with Takuma and then talked about Metal Gear Solid. 
11/02: Like the others, he has announced the news about Guild's tour, and said that it was a great schedule. He is happy to be able to go through the whole country doing those O.A.s because now he will be able to respond to the many requests he had like "come to my city". Later, he announced a new nico nico with Takuma to play to the game "Project Zero".


11/02: Same here for the announce about Guild's Tour. But he haven't commented it. 
12/02: He has talked about the next nico nico with Masa, saying to everyone to come and hear their screams. (I swear this is worth it). After the nico nico, he has updated his blog again, thanking everyone who has watched and asked if they have enjoyed it. He said that maybe this was annoying because he has screamed like a crazy, and he apologized. 


10/02: 4 days before Valentines day, he has looked at the chocolates into the shops and said that they looked delicious. He said that he liked to ones in ovale shape with almond, but he couldn't remember their names. And then he has announced the news about Guild's tour.
12/02: He has talked about the cold weather and the snow. He has started again to play with an app called Puzzle and Dragon

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