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And here is the second part of Yo-1's Q&A on Twitter, translated by Claudia ^^ 
(Questions directly answered to in English written in purple color)

Q: Usually in curry we add large amounts of vegetables pickled in soy sauce, do you add?
A: I blend them in.

Q: I heard Anli will come to Chihou. What would like to do there?
A: I would like to make many happy memories. Lol I’ll enjoy it. 

Q: What do you think about Moody Katsuyama-san?
A: I would like to know the origin of his name! lol

Q: If you would come to Miyazaki, what would you like to eat?
A: In Miyazaki I would eat beef! It’s really tasty!

Q: What hair color do you like for girls?
A: Black or pale brown!   

Q: What do you think about Koichi from Guild?
A: Please separate talk from power! (I don’t know what he means)

Q: I live in Okinawa, do you like Okinawa?
A: I like the feeling of drinking in Okinawa in the evening. Lol

Q: Do you like older girls?
A: Can you take care of me/ can I entrust myself to you?

Q: Yo-1-san, please give me a nickname!
A: Nacchun lol…like this we are comrade

Q: Yo-1-kun’s address lol. Let me take part in nico broadcast in Yo-1’s house! Lol
A: ok! After I’ll send you a New Year’s card with my address. lol    

Q: What hair color would you like to have, except the one you have now?
A: I’m interested in yellow or orange!

Q: This year will you come to Tokushima?
A: I’ll come.

Q: Come to Aichi!
A: I’ll come o~O~O~O~!

Q: What was the most delicious food in 2012?
A: The beef my friends brought me from Miyazaki!! Was so good!

Q: I caught a cold early in New Year!
A: New Year’s Eve was cold. (not really the exact words) For the moment dress warm and drink lots of liquid! You will get well soon.

Q: My name is Ayaka, I want a nickname, please give me one!
A: How about Ayapaka!!

Q: What is your favorite girl gesture?
A: When a girls blushes, when you can tell that she is in love!

Q: Koichi from Guild is a fool or an idiot?
A: In this case should we go with Abahoka? (fool= aho, idiot=baka, so he combined them)

Q: How do you want people to call you cool or cute?
A: The truth is I’ll be selfish happy with coolcute!

Q: Please tell me your type of girl!
A: A healthy person, with a core, someone who will always laugh!

Q: Happy New Year! Is your stomach alright? Very soon I’ll have university entrance exam, so please give me some encouragement!
A: Put great effort, so you’ll have confidence and bright future! I’ll support you!

Q: Celebrating my birthday, I’m 15 years old!
A: 3 more years and you’ll be woman. I’ll be waiting!  

Q: Koichi-san is a cute idiot!
A: If I agree this might get wrong feeling lol   

Q: Yoichi, give me a nickname!
A: How about Vitamin!!

Q: I caught a cold. What do you eat when you get a cold?
A: I actually think that when I get a cold is a good chance to diet… Be sure to not imitate me! Lol 

Q: I know the origin of the band! Tell me more about you! (not exactly the words)
A: The one who plays guitar the worst in Anli, DJ, dancing choreography, the one who does the chorus, the one who grins, I’m Yoichi! 

Q: Yo-1-san Happy New Year! I’m a fan from Korea. Do you have a favorite Korean cuisine?
A: It’s not cuisine, but I like makgealli. (Korean alcoholic beverage)

Q: Hello. I’m still in time for the festival? I love Yo-1!
A: Thanks for the murmured! I’m happy!

Q: Koichi is a cute old guy, right?
A: lol On these times you call him cute dad lol

Q: Next time what hair color will you have?
A: Red streaked hair or brown ash and red streaked hair. I’m really worried.

Q: What is your favorite TV program?
A: Gold burst open house (I don’t know the translations, but it’s a program by Golden Bomber) I don’t think the program runs anymore. lol 

Q: Please use a line to make me fall in love with you!
A: For you I’ll build a Live house, so from now on I want us to stay always together!

Q: Yo-1-san, Happy New Year! I have a question! What Anli song do you have fun playing the most?
A: Probably Anonymous!  Lol

Q: Koichi from Guild isn’t really 30 years old, right?
A: I think it’s true!!! 

Q: Yo-1-san, what is the most important memory you have made in European Tour last year! Do you intent to come back in Europe?
A: Going to the sea! I will surely return!

Q: Hello! Who composed the song “Kissing the Shadows”?
A: Lyrics: Shindy, music: Takuma.

Q: Yo-1-kun! What should we call you to make you happy?
A: I’ll be happy lol if only you would call me, I’ll be happy! Really!

Q: What is your favorite character from Neon Genesis Evangelion? From my older sister, she wants to know, so please!
A: I love Kaji-san.

Q: I’m having a math class right now. Were you good at math?
A: I don’t like math. Lol

Q: What is your criterion when buying a guitar?
A: The sound and by intuition.

Q: Yo-kun! I want a nickname! I’m Arisa.
A: Arisa in Wonderland!

Q: Yo-chan. Happy New Year! Do you plan to change your hair color this year?
A: Yes! Troubled

Q: What is your best memory from European Tour?
A: Japan expo in Paris. Awesome!!!

Q: What is that you like about other members?
A: Shindy: freedom, Takuma: easily serious, Masatoshi: kind, Kiyozumi: thinks more mature.

Q: Happy New Year! How many New Year dishes (rice cakes cooked with vegetables) did you eat?
A: I haven’t eaten any, but if I put mocha I’ll probably eat one.

Q: Yo-chan, thank you for your answer. Occasionally I’ll be honest and I’ll show my weak side!
A: Let everyone know your honest side.

Q: Do you like to go to photo exhibitions and museums?
A: If are the artists that I like then I go! Like Ninagawa-san or Van Gogh.

Q: Have you been to Kushiro? Lol You don’t go too often in Hokkaido, right?
A: I was in Kushiro on a trip a long time ago! I go on trips in Hokkaido. lol
Q: Do you have brothers?
A: I have! He is too handsome. Frustrating!

Q: Yoichi-kun! Lately I lack sleep, my eyes hurt lol. Do you know a way to get rid of this fatigue?
A: Anyway, you have to warm your eyes and create a sleepy environment. It seems that there are some people who sleep better with the legs put horizontal a little higher.  

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