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Sorry for not having update the blog since last week... I fell sick so I couldn't get up from my bed as much as I would want to T_T But I feel a bit better now so I can give you the first part of Yo-1's Q&A on Twitter! The News recap will come probably later on the next week...

The questions at he has answered directly in English will be written with the color purple ^^

Q: This year I have an exam so can you tell me a word that I can always keep in my heart?
A: Don’t pamper yourself.

Q: Do a concert in Niigata!
A: I’ll put great effort!!

Q: I want to cut my bangs. What kind of bangs you like?
A: I like the hairstyle with bangs cut up to eyebrows w.

Q: Yo-1-kun, if you were a girl who would you go on dates with from Anli? (not 100% sure, she might have ask if any of Anli members were girls)
A: Maybe Kiyo! 

Q: What kind of girl is your type?
A: In any case I like healthy girls. A girl who would follow me no matter what.

Q: Do you want to come to America someday? 
A: Of course! I want to do lives all around the world☆

Q: Happy New Year!A: Please take care of me this year too! (it’s not really a phrase you can translate, is something that you say to someone when you meet them or at the beginning of something new)

Q: Please tell me something sweet!
A: For the moment show me your weak side!

Q: Did you remember me?
A: I always see your replies! Come, come to Lives! W

Q: How many apples in the height and weight? 
A: I don’t know www. Probably vertical 40, weight 35? W

Q: What is your goal this year?
A: To make 150 songs!

Q: What is your favorite song in Anli?
: Recently this is Game of Love.

Q: Where do the replies come?A: Look on my timeline!

Q:Would you like to come back norway??

Q: I heard that the boys from Kantou region and the girls from Kansai region are popular, is it true?
A: The urban legend?! w Probably with the Kansai dialect, getting spoiled.

Q: Will you come to poland again?
A: Yes!I promise.

Q: Won't you make me your pet?
A: Ok, I'll raise a good child. w

Q: Next time, I was thinking to bring some sweets, do you like sweets?
A: I love them!!

Q: Yo-1-kun, what is the episode when you've done the most mischievous thing?
A: I was caught by the police in Okayama driving with at a speed of 160km/h. 10.000yen fine.

Q: Please say a quick joke!
A: 3.2.1...uoooooo!!!! Snake will work hard!!

Q: I'm Makiko, please give me a nickname!
A: Maikii!

Q: What kind of snacks that go with alcohol do you like?
A: I'll go for Ajinomoto cucumber in sesame oil and salt.

Q: If I use an alarm clock with voice, what kind of message would you put?
A: Morning! Yesterday I stayed up until late, but it’s about time to get up?

Q: I'm Ayaka, please give me a nickname!
A: AyaKing!

Q: Yo-kun, do you understand Niigata dialect?
A: Grandma's Niigata dialect is from a different time, so I don't really know.w

Q: Where do you want to go with other members?
A: BBQ and to see Shizuoka sea.

Q: Would you come someday in Kagoshima.
A: A! I will come for sure! I love Kagoshima! Really!

Q: Nickname! I love Takuma so please collaborate with him! My name is Saori.
A: Then Mizuina, associate with flying squirrel.... Saotinga!!!

Q: Will you do a concert in Niigata?
A: Absolutely, I'll show you. And I'll report it to my mother. w

Q: Last year on Christmas I gave you a practical gift, do you use it?
A: Of course. Thank you!

Q: What shampoo and hair conditioner do you use!
A: I use a herb shampoo and hair conditioner with proteins.

Q: After I'll save some money I'll go to your Live. I'll go. I love you. The truth is, this is the second time I confessed.
A: I'll wait for you! w Thank you!

Q: Who is No.1 handsome member and No.1 in inner beauty?
A: Handsome: Shindy, Inner beauty: Kiyozumi.   

Q: Will you change your hair color again?  A: Ok! I'll make sure that day comes. 

Q: Will you make again the hair style you had before?
A: Aaaa! I'm really worried. ww but I'll think positively!

Q: What present will make you happy?
A: If you will come to a concert, would be the best present o~o~o~O~O!!

Q: I love Game of Love, but tell me a song that a definitely have to listen.
A: Listen Snow Venus ww 

Q: I'm Yume, give me a nickname, please! \ (^ O ^)/
A: Isn't it already a cute name? Ah...then auspicious Yume?

Q: What is your favorite food? A: Recently I like noodles, as for sweets Black Thunder or Rusk. 

Q: I like Yo-1's individualistic bangs, but until when would the hair be that red?(o°°)oOr have you thought about another hairstyle?(o°°)o
A: I'll think about this. Stay tuned!

Q: I love Yo-1! Please give me a nickname!
A: Miichan...! Miicha!

Q: I wanted to go to one-man, but I couldn't, sorry. But this year I'll go, wait for me.
A: I'll show you something even more amazing. I'll be waiting!

Q: I'm Ayu, please give me a nickname!───O(≧∇≦)O────
A: Yunayuna, I think it give a good feeling w

Q: Please call  me "Ayu nya" in a cute way! +。(*゚Д゚*)。+゚
A: A~ki~nya~n

Q: Happy new year! (*´`) Have you seen Hatsuyume?
A: Oh, that. I haven't seen it yet. Next time, maybe?! w

Q: Koichi from Guild is really an idiot? (´・・`)
A: Sometimes, I think! Happy New Year!

Q: Please tell me the roots of learning music! What was your first band like?
A: The first band I was in was a hard rock, metal band. I didn’t study music!

Many thanks to Claudia for the translations!

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