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17/01: An entry in which he was comparing iPhone with iPad; seems that he prefers the iPhone, and asked to everyone what type of phone they use. He has shown also his new love for the face mask of the brand LUSH.


18/01: It's been two days now that he is suffering of his fever, but finally his condition was better! He was relieved. He has thanked everyone for their comments and asked them to take care. He has took a lot of vitamin C during his recovery and maybe it's thanks to it that he could heal so quickly. 


17/01: He has thanked everyone for the live event at Ikebukuro EDGE the day before, saying that Kiyozumi has worked hard despite his health condition. He has opted for a darker make up like Takuma, for the first time since many years. At the studio rehearsal, Shindy has take the post of Kiyozumi at drums, as Kiyo was still sick. 

19/01: He went to the dentist (yes, again) to remove his tartar and bought some dental floss

A photo uploaded on the mobile site's blog


16/01: He has met with his team AB (or the strings team if you want), Masatoshi and Takuma, and took a photo of his handwritting, saying that it is dirty. He has talked about the live report of musicJapanplus, and said that the goal for this year is to make a sold out one-man. 
17/01: He has talked about the dirty TL he left on Twitter, talking about S and M. According to him, Kiyozumi is probably M, Takuma is M also, and Masatoshi is a hidden S. He is hesitating for Shindy (oh come one, we all know that he is S xD) and he is quite hesitating for himself as well.
19/01: He has finally chose what he was, refering to the comments, apparently. So he is M (but hidden S). And to change the subject, he has talked about the cold weather, saying that the temperature was about 7°C. 
A photo from the mobile site:

No news from Takuma since the last live event.

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