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Yesterday was a video shooting time at the office. I assume that it was video comment for the upcoming one-man, like they did for the previous one. It's just a supposition though ^^ 

Today, he has copy pasted the announcement about the new live event scheduled (see the schedule) for the 1st of March at Kashiwa Thumb Up with defspiral. Kiyozumi said that the nights were getting chilly and he has a lot of difficulties to get up at the morning. He asked how everyone was doing for waking up. His steps are, open the eyes, look at the clock, close back the eyes, and then fall asleep again...


He has talked about the video shooting and took a photo from the office with the band to upload it on the mobile site. 

He his affraid of catching a cold so he drinks a lot of orange juice and said that Kiyo gave him back his computer, wrapped in the pajama top Kiyo used for one of the instore events. However, it seems that the smell was not really good...

Today, as scheduled, he has played with Masatoshi on nico nico for about 5 consecutive hours. They have played to Silent Hill. Takuma said it was scary but he has thanked everyone who have watched. He would like to do that again one day. 


After that Takuma left the nico nico broadcast, Masatoshi continued to play for about 1 hour with Metal Gear. He will probably updates his blog tomorrow to talk about it :)


He has talked about the video shooting, and hopes that everyone will look forward to watch it. He has asked who went to watch the new Evangelion movie, though he does not want to know what happens in it. He just asked if it was good. 

Today, he went to see a live of MASCHERA at Akasaka Blitz. He was really impressed and thanked the band. He wrote the announcement about the new live event in March and congratulated the Kashiwa Thumb Up for their 4 years of existence. He spent his evening alone, eating a yakiniku, and felt abandoned. He has eaten while listening to music with his iPhone and asked everyone what smartphone game app they would recommend to him. He finished his entry by saying "That was the Shindy with cold feet and recruiting for a conversation partner."

The new calendar for December has been updated on the mobile site:

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