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After the live event in the 29th, he has updated a little entry to thank everyone. He said that he has enjoyed it a lot and that next year, he will run at full power.


He has thanked everyone for coming to the live event. He had the hairstyle of hide and asked what everyone was thinking about it.

As he have reached 2222 followers on Twitter, he has decided to hold a new Q&A. As usual, you will have one hour to ask your questions to him, without number limitation.

Date: January the 2nd
Time to ask questions: 20.00 to 21.00 (JST)

Today he went to Litchi Hikari Club's concert, as Masatoshi and Kiyozumi were playing there. He's been fascinated by the guitar skills of tatsuo (I thought that was Kiyoshi who was playing but maybe he was just playing for machine's songs ^^) and said that he will do the fill up of energy before the first live of 2013 (15/01 at Ikebukuro EDGE).


He said that the live event has finished successfully and thanked all the fans. He was already nervous about the performance for Litchi Hikari Club the day after, already thinking that he will have difficulties to sleep.

Today, as he predicted, he said that he has not slept because he was too nervous. He was listening music while thinking and it was already 6 o' clock before he could noticed. He has take a fast nap at the venue and then the anxiety came back while the audience was filling the place. He has thanked O-JIRO from Penicillin for lending him his drum set and also the make up artist, because he felt different. He finally said that he his really glad to be a support member for Litchi Hikari Club. 


He has thanked everyone for coming and said that he fell asleep as soon as he was home. He has shared the set list of the event: 

2.Taste me
-MC -
3.Kissing the shadows
4.Game of love
5.Malignant narcissism
6.Slave machine

He has also said to look forward to the next plans for the new year and thanked the fans for the support, saying also that he will do his best for the concert of Litchi Hikari Club the day after. 

After the concert of LHC, he has updated his blog, saying that it was fun. When he took the metro at the morning, he saw a man sleeping on the floor and was surprised. Yama-chan came to help him and Kiyo. Of course, as a big fan of Penicillin, Yama-chan was thrilled to meet Hakuei. The singer has kindly took a picture with him. Masatoshi proudly showed his hair style, saying that he really liked it because it did not collapsed when he was shaking his head. He has thanked all the fans who came to cheer him and Kiyozumi.

A picture he took for the mobile site's blog:

(I also heard from a friend that he has still issues with his teeth and when he had to introduce himself to the audience, he said that he has put some temporary paste on his missing tooth. He was worried about it might undone during the show. But he did well and did not looked to be hurt...) 


He has thanked everyone for coming to the last live event of the year and talked about Yo-1's hair style, saying that he looked like a chiken when he was shaking his head xD 
He went also to Litchi Hikari Club's concert, reminding that he is appearing only on the PVs of the band, as the guitarist for concerts is tatsuo. He really respects him and received some advices from him. He said that he will work hard for this new year's schedule in a way to become a bigger band. 

Digest by Yeon with help of jasmine

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