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The name have changed, yes, but the principle not ^^ (as this is not "daily" anymore, the name was silly ^^')


26/12: A rehearsal for the next live of Litchi Hikari Club was scheduled this day. Masatoshi was a bit nervous, going there with Kiyozumi. After having updated his blog with the schedule of Guild's National Tour (Anli will be the opening act of every shows, see the schedule here), he said that the equipment at the rehearsal was awesome and that he never has used this kind of speakers
28/12: Today, he went to the rehersal for the last live event of the year (29/12). Going to the studio for 3 days in a row was very tiring, he said. On the evening he has mostly played to Dirge of Cerberus again on nico nico. (You can still watch it btw at the hour I'm writting ^^). Here are his photos from the rehearsal, I assume that they are maybe preparing something special, as they like to exchange their places xD


27/12: He has updated his blog with the concert dates of Guild's tour and thanked the band for having Anli as an opening act. He is looking forward to it. He went to watch the rehersal of Litchi Hikari Club and said that it was fun. 

On Twitter, he noticed that he had almost 2222 followers, and wondered what he would do to celebrate that. Later on, he reached the 2222 followers, and told to let him think about what he will do. Wait and see ^^


26/12: He has updated his blog with the announce of the new live event scheduled on the 21st of February at Takadanobaba Area. (see the schedule). He wanted to send some strength to Masatoshi via Twitter as the bassist said he was nervous, by sending him the drawing he made of him. But his pride has been hurt, as Masatoshi didn't reply xD Maybe because of that, he took revenge by uploading a photo of Masa, wearing the wig Takuma used for his maid cosplay? xD

27/12: He went to visit Litchi Hikari Club's rehearsal with Yo-1 (he will not play guitar at the concert, as Kiyoshi of machine will be there). He tried the equipment too. He said that was exciting and thanked Hakuei, tatsuo, and all the staff. He said that he had a question for everyone. He is thinking about getting a piercing somewhere in the face, probably the mouth, and wonders how everyone would react. 

28/12: He has updated his blog to talk about the rehersal of the band, and said to everyone to come to see them at the live event for Kiyozumi's birthday in February. He said that he will give his best for tomorrow's live and uploaded of photo of Masatoshi, hitting on the drums.


26/12: During the break of LHC's rehearsal, he decided to go buy his lunch at a convenience store and took a pasta salad. Unfortunately, he acted so nervous that his lunch fell on the floor... He haven't even eat a bite yet so that was very sad. He said that the rehearsal was quite hard but it went without any problems. (he has break a drumstick again as you can see). He has thanked Kiyoshi for his gentleness. 
28/12: He has complained a bit on Twitter because the weather was too cold to do anything. So he decided to cook tofu, because that was the only thing he had in his fridge with eggs at the moment. He hopes that it won't snow tomorrow.
A photo of him has been uploaded on the mobile site:


No news from him except all the news about the next lives, the winter closing period of silkroadstore (29/12 to 06/01) and the pink towel on sales at silkroastore (the one with the crown and the pentagram).

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