Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 12.12.2012


He has thanked again everyone for coming to the one-man, the last one for this year. He said that he will work harder, more and more. He was envious of Masa because of Hakuei. (I said that he was there but I'm actually not sure, it could be that he has just recorded a video for congratulating him...). He has announced that there were cameras at the one-man for recording, he was nervous but he thinks that this is amazing. (One contact who was there said to me that the band said they were recording in order to release it as a DVD ^^). Takuma has asked what everyone was thinking about the new song and the new dance. He wishes to do more concerts next year and more one-man. He will do his best ^^

Today, he said that he was out for a date, with his mom. They went out together to buy a software to create greeting cards for Christmas. He wonders what everyone do for the greeting cards. He has found this video game and wonders if it's good. Then, he said that it was the first time since many years that he has eaten outside with his mother. 


Yesterday, he has entitled his new blog entry with "What I should not do after a Live". And by that, he wanted to mean that he went into a manga cafe after the one-man, to enjoy reading a bit. However, he fell asleep and slept until 4.00 am. So he had to pay 3000yen of extension charge. As it was in the middle of the night, he crossed the way of drunken salary men and such...


He has thanked again everyone who came for the one-man, and gave the tracklist of the BGM when everyone was waiting in the venue. He was very surprised by Hakuei's comment. He was very happy and thanked again everyone for the gifts, the flowers etc. He was able to play with a 4-strings Spector since many years, and used it for 'Monochrome'. He said that he wants to do his best for the future and talked about the new live events to come.


He has asked to everyone if they were alright with that cold weather, saying that it seems to be around -2°C.  He has talked about the DVDs that were offered at the one-man and uploaded a photo of Yo-1, playing with Yama-chan. I say playing but I don't really know what they are doing x) 

Today, he went to a rehearsal for the next live of Litchi Hikari Club (30/12). That was a solitary practice time and he worked for about 5 hours. 


He said that he has slept about 10 hours because of the accumulated fatigue. He has thanked Hakuei for his video. He his envious of Masa, Kiyo and Takuma because he wants to join Litchi Hikari Club too. He has also told that a new determination came to him, and that his appearance will change. He thinks that he will cut his hair and change their color. 

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