Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 11.20.2012

There are 3 weeks left before Masa's birthday so it's time to prepare a birthday gift for him as we did for Yo-1 and Shindy ^^ 
As the deadline would be too short to make a fanbook or a video, I suggest to gather all kind of virtual gifts on a special site for him the d-day :) 

Deadline : December the 8th

Here is what you can send :

- Drawings

- Video message (uploaded on your own youtube or dailymotion channel)

- Written messages (by this, I mean a photo or a scan of your handwritten message ^^)

- Photos

- Artwork

The project is free, so if you have any other virtual gift that I did not thought about, you can send it, as long as it doesn't content any shocking message or picture.

All the gifts will be gathered on a special site for Masatoshi's birthday so he can see them all in one ^^

Send your gift to with your name and country !

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  1. I'm gonna join! xoxo SuperShizuko


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