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He has thanked the persons who have received the free dvds and asked a question to his blog readers, wanting to know what color they would choose for clothes between black, pink and red. 
Today he has updated his blog with the link to the official website, displayed with a new layout ! 
See the beautiful site here ^^
He said that he was grateful to the staff who have worked on this. He has talked also about the request page,  telling that you can send your request for Anli Pollicino to all the radio and tv programs that are listed on this page ! Could be great if the band could promote themselves on radio and TV, right ? ^^ 

He said that when he went back home, he was shaken because there was a lot of people in the train and he was hungry. He asked what everyone have eaten today. 
He has stopped in front of a palmistry plot at the station (but didn't say if he tried or not...)


Yesterday, a photo of him during the last instore event has been uploaded on the mobile site.

He has talked about the preparations for his new girl cosplay (gift for his 2000 followers on Twitter). He felt more anxious than the first one and he wondered why. He has showed the wig that he has buy for this occasion and talked about Halloween. He said that he saw a lot of kids in the street with a lot of different costumes. 

Today was the D-Day, and Yo-1 finally revealed his new girl cosplay ! The theme for this time was hostess. Here are the photos~

He said that the red beverage was grape tea and waited for everyone's comments. What do you think about him ? Pretty, right ? ^^ 


He has talked about Halloween, saying that he was a little bit sad because this year, the band didn't have the opportunity to dress up. He went to Mac Donalds and looked at all the people in the streets with their costumes. He has downloaded this app that can transform your photos in mangas and tried it out. 
Today, he went to Yo-1's place and thought that his cosplay was really awesome. 

And he has also changed him onto a manga with his app. He has also take a photo of Baron, saying that he looked unusual, perhaps because the makeup staff for Yo-1 has a cat.


He ironically said that something great happened, because he has dropped and lost his wallet. He was surprised because usually he always takes care of it more than anything else. Then he relativized, telling that nothing could helped it. He hope that the police will call him soon.


He has talked about practice songs for Shindy's birthday and the new design of the official website. He thinks that it is a nice design and that he will look at it in detail.

Update from the mobile site, with the November calendar :

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