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He was worry about Yo-1 because he has caught a cold because of him. He said that himself was not healed yet but he went to the studio for the rehearsal though. 
Today, he said that he met Sai (bassist for LOST ASH), because he made a mistake the other day by taking his bass. Seems that both of them have the same case. Then, he has deleted his nico nico account also by mistake so he had to re-registrer. Here are the links for his new community and for the 1st of December's broadcast with Takuma and himself. He is sorry for the trouble and a bit disapointed, as he came back to his initial level. (So, be sure to subscribe to his new channel and he'll have more points ^^) 


He has take a photo from the rehearsal and said on his blog that he had more difficulties to get out of his futon, as the temperature is getting colder now. He has talked about the next nico nico broadcast with Masatoshi and said that he will do his best though he feels like he is weak at video games. 
A photo of him and Kiyozumi has been updated on the mobile site (I forgot to upload it on the previous Daily News) :


He has take a photo from the rehearsal, with Yo-1 on the threshold. He said that he looked tired (obviously, he has a fever). When he came back home he was tired but he cooked a warm soup. He also talked about his DS and some video games (I can't really tell you what this is all about as I'm not really into this subject ^^") 
He has updated also the mobile site blog with a photo of himself.


He his still sick and stayed a bit at home to eat ramen and miso soup. He has talked about a potential Twitter festival when he will have 2222 followers and asked what everyone would like. 
He suddenly wanted to sing so he went into a karaoke and tweeted from there. He has stay there about 3 hours and sang 23 songs including L'Arc~en~Ciel, Mr Children, Nakajima Miyuki, BUMP OF CHICKEN,  Kawamura Ryuichi... and also Rondo :)


He has continued to write and re-write some lyrics and talked about honey in his blog. Seems that he uses it a lot for his throat and he likes it on bread with butter as well as the maple syrup. 
He has talked about the tickets sales for Takuma's birthday event and the national tour for next year. The band really hopes to spread their popularity in the country ^^ Then, he wanted to eat honey again when he noticed that the expiration date has passed.

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