Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 11.27.2012


After the nico nico broadcast (watch here), Shindy has updated his blog, saying that he has enjoyed it a lot though he felt like he was a bit drunk. He has thanked everyone for watching and said that the champagne was really delicious. He remembered some childhood memories when he was doing a picnic and asked which side dishes everyone prefered. He prefered the octopus shaped sausage. 


He said that the broadcast was funny. Everyone was a bit drunk except for Masa, as he was sick he didn't drink any alcohol... He has thanked everyone and announced his participation to the next video game playing with Masatoshi for the 1st of December at 13.00 (JST). 

Today he went to the office in a way to draw and design something that he did not detailed, but I assume that this is his special badges for his birthday. He has talked about Golden Bomber's future appearance on the TV Channel NHK and congratulated them.


He has thanked everyone who have watched the nico nico and said on Twitter that the cake on his face was really unplanned (At first, it was planned to be on Shindys).
Today he said that he has catched a cold from Masatoshi. He has thanked everyone for watching and commenting during the broadcast and said that now he should give a hand for the next one-man's preparations but he still has a fever.


He has thanked everyone for watching Shindy's birthday on nico nico and for all the comments. He really wanted to drink champagne but he couldn't because of his fever. He hopes to heal soon because there is the one-man. 


He has thanked everyone for watching the nico nico broadcast, he was pleased to be there and apologized for leaving before the end.
Today he has defrosted the beef stored in his fridge and cooked a bulgogi (Korean dish). He has eat a lot to have stamina and be able to work well tomorrow.

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