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He has attended for the first time a wedding ceremony. The weather was rainy and he hoped that it would not gonna disturb everything. He was impressed and moved at the ceremony and said that it was a good experience. 

Today he has wished some happy birthday requests like Takuma did on Twitter and has updated his blog, saying that he fell asleep even before he could take an evening drink. He has talked about the nico nico broadcasting (tomorrow at 23.00 on this channel), saying that he hoped Masatoshi will feel better because it seems that he fell sick after Shindy's birthday event. He asked everyone to send Masatoshi cheering messages.

A photo took from the last instore events has been updated on the mobile site :


Already a month since he has lost his wallet and still no news, he thinks that it will never come back now so he is thinking about buying a new one. He went to the studio in a way to practice bass drum. 
Today he has talked about the first national tour of 2013 including the two new live events in Shinsaibashi and Nagoya at the end of January. As this is the weekend, he did not wished to go out of bed and prefered to play to video games. He asked to everyone to be careful at evening with the cold weather.
On Twitter he has talked about his "tatoo" from Shindy's birthday evening, saying obviously that it was a fake. He does not have the courage to put a real one on his neck. 


He said that he was almost crying because of the members' birthday song for him and announced the new National Tour for early 2013, including performances in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka.
He was relieved to know that all his special birthday badges were all sold out at Ikebukuro Black Hole event and thanked everybody. He was worry because they added more badges, so he was happy. Recently he is again thinking about keeping a cat or a dog. He'd like to have a Russian blue cat or a White Shepherd dog, asking everyone if they had pets. He also said that he was asked to receive a pie in the face for his birthday on the nico nico broadcasting tomorrow...We'll see x) He has thanked everyone for the comments and for his ranking up on Ameba visual.


He apologized to everyone who worried for him, his absence was due to a fever. He hopes to heal quickly, because he wants to focus on the preparations for the next one-man. 
He has thanked everyone who came at Shindy's birthday event with LOST ASH. He was happy to be able to play "HONEY" by L'Arc~en~Ciel but was nervous and made a mistake during the middle of the chorus. He is really sorry about that. He has thanked the fans of LOST ASH for the flowers and gave the link for the nico nico broadcasting. He finished by thanking everyone for their cheering comments on his health. 

No news from Takuma except his Twitter replies on birthday wishes requests.

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