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He has tweeted during the drive to Ikebukuro Black Hole. They have put a special cd with music from Shindy's birth and Yo-1 said that this cd will be used as a BGM in the venue ^^ 
After the live, Yo-1 has thanked everyone, LOST ASH included. He has write the set list :

1. Sungeki Raspberry
2. Malignant Narcissism
3. Game of Love
4. L'étoile filante
5. Snow Venus
6. Colors
7. Labyrinth
8. Slave Machine
9. Street Smarts
10. Taste Me
11. Mr.0

Today, he said that he has a lot of muscle pain but really enjoyed the live event. They sang the birthday song for Shindy and the singer blew out his candles. He announced the new live event for January (you can see them in the schedule) and a new nico nico broadcasting for the 25th at 23.00 until 24.00 (JST). I think I'll be there to record again ^^


He has not updated his blog since the 19th but has tweeted before the live event, asking if someone knew those sweets. Just before the live, he was nervous.


He said that the first event organized by Anli Pollicino has ended successfully and wished a happy birthday to Shindy. He has thanked the fans who came and said that as the anxious person he is, he did not sleep at all the night before... He has thanked also LOST ASH and enjoyed a lot the event. 


He has uploaded the photo of the flowers offered by the LOST ASH fans and thanked them. He has really enjoyed the show and thanked LOST ASH and the staff. He wished a happy birthday to Shindy after announcing his own birthday event (21/12 at Ikebukuro Black Hole).

He has also uploaded a photo from the stage with Shindy and Daiki of LOST ASH on the mobile site :


He has thanked everyone for all the comments on his blog the day of his birthday, and apologized because of the late announce for his birthday event (last month). He thanked everyone who was involved in this event, mostly LOST ASH who have managed to be there though their schedule (they are promoting a new single currently), and the staff of Ikebukuro Black Hole also. He wanted to dedicate the event to all the fans who always cheers him. He said that he is also thankful to his parents for giving him birth.

He has updated his blog after the live event, thanking everyone who has participated. He said that he was really happy to be able to make such event and uploaded a photo of the flowers gift. He was surprised of the vampire shaped body above ^^ He has thanked LOST ASH fans for all the flowers he has received. 
He was able to play "HONEY" by L'Arc~en~Ciel (requested by the fans). He sang while playing guitar and said that it was a really long time since he didn't do that. He was nervous. He said that it was the best event and hopes to do a new one next year. He thanked the fans for the letters and said that he will give back petas to everyone who gave him a birthday wish on his blog.
He has also thanked the foreign fans for the birthday messages, saying that he has watched our video project on Youtube and he was happy ^-^

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