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For the first time of his Twitter history (and also the other members Twitter history, I think), he has replied to some tweets from fans ^^ Well, it was all birthday wishes requests, seems that he was happy to be able to answer to some tweets.
In his blog, he has talked about the windy weather, and uploaded the photo of the previous live event's set list. He had suddenly a big appetite so he went to a MacDonalds at night. He asked what everyone liked to order there. He likes the crisp chicken. 

The day after was the rehearsal for Shindy's birthday event. Takuma hopes that they will have fun and said that he would like do to a new nico nico with Masatoshi to play. He wish they could make it before the next one-man. 


He has talked about the DVD gift announce (see the previous Daily News), and thinks that it's a good one. He said that he has a recent interest on scented candles, that he has not before. But it saves money from electricity bills, he said xD. 
The day after, he talked about the special badges on sales for his birthday, they made a little more than Yo-1s as they will be sold at the venue for his birthday event. Seems that he his really looking forward to the event, obviously ^^. 

Here are the informations about the badges :

There won't be pre-sales, as they will sell them at the Ikebukuro Black Hole on the 21st of November  (doors opening at 18.00). There are two badges with photos, and the two others are illustrations drawn by Shindy himself. The set of 4 badges is sold for 1.000¥.
He has announced the new live scheduled for Takuma's birthday which will be held at Ikebukuro Black Hole on December, the 21st with the Raid and Gimmick.
Just before his birthday, he has updated his blog, to say that he will give petas to every persons who will wish him a happy birthday on his blog and left a special message for foreign fans, to warn them about English comments because Ameba deletes them, assimilating them as spam. So he gave a tip to let him a comment by saying "おめでとう" (congrats) before the English comment ^^


He has not updated his blog since the last shooting (except for the announcements about Shindy's badges and Takuma's birthday live event), but the day before Shindy's birthday live event, he said that he was looking forward to it and that he'll had to increase his stamina. He has eat a lot of garlic so he won't lose to the cold.


Just before midnight on the 20th, he has updated his blog to wish a happy birthday to Shindy and said to everyone to do the same on the singer's blog. He has talked about the live event for the next day, thanking LOST ASH to be able to celebrate it with them, despite their busy schedule.

No news from Masatoshi, except the photo uploaded on the mobile site.

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