Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 11.15.2012


Today was the live event at Shinjuku LOFT and Masatoshi has updated his blog soon after, delivering the set list :

2.L 'etoile filante
3.Game of love
5.Malignant narcissism
6.Slave machine

And I'm not sure but I think that they have played also "Snow Venus" as the encore. As they didn't had a live event for Yo-1's birthday the last month, they took the opportunity to celebrate it today and Masatoshi thanked everyone who came to celebrate it with them. He took two pictures from the backstage, showing his new haircut and sleepy Kiyo and Yo-1. 


The gamer was playing to a game called Aerox (sort of ball rolling game if I don't make a mistake) and tweeted his transition from level 1. Some seconds after he has delete this tweet, explaining that he has pushed the button tweet by mistake. (And you thought that we have missed that, Kiyozumi ? x) )
After the live event, he has thanked everyone who came, in his blog, and also thanked the ones who have commented his last entry yesterday. He asked everyone how was the show, saying that the set list was a bit longer than for usual live events. Later he has tweeted that he could not go to the beauty salon because he had no money -probably because he has lost his credit card with his wallet last time, he didn't gave news about that...- 


He has updated his blog with the title "Shinjuku LOFT's naked festival". Because the temperature was really hot at the end of the show, the members took off their clothes just after coming back to the backstages. He has uploaded some pics, saying that he still have his swollen face because of his bleaching agent's allergy. 

Later, he has tweeted a photo of a sleepy Masa, and the Masa said that he will not forgive that. Takuma said then that it could not be helped... When he was back to home, he has eat a curry and enjoyed it a lot ^^


He said that he has enjoyed the show a lot. He thanked everyone who came to participate and to give them love. He is looking forward to the next live event for his birthday. 
Today, his makeup was inspired by the Witch Queen of the movie "Snow White", that he has rented some days ago. He asked if it was good and noticed that his blog was among the Ameba ranking of Visual blogs ! He thanked everyone who come in his blog even though he does not write everyday. 


He was surprised because he did not expect to celebrate his birthday at the live event. He has thanked everyone and said that he was filled will deep emotion. He will enjoy his presents one by one when he'll be home. He also said to everyone to be careful and not catch a cold while coming back to their home. When he came home he took a hot bath and thanked again everyone for his gifts and all the messages.

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