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08/11: He has practiced and said that the day after will be a tough day, because he will go to the dentist (finally). His teeth still hurted, so he took the decision to go and thanked everyone for their comments of cheering and advices. 

09/11: It was the day of the shooting for the next PV of Litchi Hikari Club, "Dark Knight". Like the last time, Masa has participated to the shooting with Takuma and Kiyozumi.

Seems that it was in a highland, and Masatoshi said that it was a long time since he didn't went in such area. It took 2 hours to go there. He has thanked everyone for the shooting, including Hakuei. 

12/11 : It was again a day of free DVDs distribution. Masatoshi has uploaded a photo of his lunch while he was making the burning of the DVDs. The distribution was hard because they were in a streets with a lot of cars. There were a lot of people so it was disturbing. He thanked everyone who has received a DVD and told them to go to the next live. 

When he came back home, he started a nico nico broadcast. I was not there to watch but I guess it was again a video game playing time ^^


08/11: He felt a lot better and thanked everyone for their cheering comments. He has took a photo of him with his face covered by an inflatable face, saying sorry but he couldn't show his face which has accumulated several days of sickness. 

09/11: He has talked about the end of the year which is coming little by little, saying that he would like to end it with something big. He asked everyone on what they will do for this end of the year.
He has took a photo of a teddy bear that he got during the Euro Tour and said that it was scary in the dark like that... but it is usually cute. Then, he has developped the subject about the image, saying that it was important, saying for example that he will not buy this carrot...

10/11: He has talked about the PV shooting for Litchi Hikari Club for Takuma, Masatoshi and Kiyozumi, cheering them. He said that the three of them were in a good location to do a picnic. 
He has announced a new live event for the 15th of January at Ikebukuro EDGE, with  シリアル⇔NUMBER, 少年記, N@H, Vior gloire and ハイパーポケット
He has uploaded a photo of one of Baron's toy, sayong that it was love at the first sight between the two of them. He thanked everyone for all the comments every day and for their kindness.

11/11: Yo-1 has remembered that the 11th of November is the Pocky day and he remembered some memories about a punishment game related to Pockys with Kiyozumi at the last instore event in ZEAL LINK. He said it was a good time.

12/11: He has updated his blog after the free DVDs distribution, thanking everyone who have received one. He felt cold and his stomach was empty. He asked what everyone has eat.

Photo from the mobile site blog


09/11 : He talked about the shooting for Litchi Hikari Club's PV. The location of the shooting was in a closed school. The atmosphere remembered him some old school memories. The temperature in the moutains was really cold and he felt his nose was getting frozen. 

10/11: He has cooked a hot pot with cow streaks and chorizo, of course. He thinks that with all that collagene he will have a beautiful smile and skin. 

12/11: He has talked about the DVDs distribution, saying that the weather was good this time and thanking all the persons who have received the DVDs. He said he will work hard until the next distribution. Later after the distribution, he has tweeted the photo of what he has eat, celery with Chinese cabbage.


09/11: He has talked also about the PV shooting for Litchi Hikari Club, saying that it was fun. He thought the place of the shooting was amazing and interesting. He took a photo of a clay structure outside, saying that it was not so cute. He said that the school looked scary at night but the sky was beautiful. 

11/11: He has announced the new live event sponsored by Serial Number and said he went to Ginza and was surprised that the people were walking on the road, saying that it was a pedestrian heaven. He went to a beauty salon to do a haircut and was disappointed because there was no comic nor cartoon in the magazine he was reading while he was waiting xD. On his way back, the rain has started to fall so he has stopped in a shop to buy something to eat.

12/11:  He has talked about the DVDs distribution, showing his new haircut :

He said that the distribution was difficult but he worked hard. He thanked everyone who has received the DVDs.
Also, a photo of him has been uploaded on the mobile site :


08/11: He has talked about changing hair cut and said that he will go to the beauty salon the day after.

09/11: As said previously, he went to the beauty salon, saying that he was surprised at all the complaining comments he received about that on his blog. He went to Ginza (seems that they all go there to cut their hair...) and ate a pizza after his haircut and rent some DVDs.

10/11: He went to buy some toilet paper at the 24h opened store, because he was out of stock and he thought of something suddenly. He was wondering what was better between single or double paper...

11/11: He has updated a small entry on his blog,  wishing for a good week and a good night.

12/11: He has talked about the DVDs distribution, thanking the persons who have received it in the cold weather. He has took a photo of him, saying that his lips were dry and that he was a lip balm addicted. But he has forget it at home...

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  1. lol love the second picture of Takuma!

    do they have too much money?! x_x beauty salon in Ginza...

    Shindy wondering about the toilet paper is strange... I mean... who's interested in that kind of information?? XDDD


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