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Yesterday, he has talked about the dinner with the other members and Jay, posting a photo of the grilled meat. He has talked about the iron chopsticks, saying that he prefers the wood ones, because he has the taste of the iron when he puts it in his mouth. He has asked what everyone was thinking about iron chopsticks and talked about the new layout of the official website.
Today he has talked about the rain and cold weather, saying that his feet were wet because he wore sneakers outside. Seems that his feet are sensitive to cold so usually at this season he does a lot of foot baths. He has uploaded a photo of a strawberry based drink before talking about the next live events.


He has talked also about the dinner with Jay, saying that it was a long time since he spoke English. He really liked the meat, impressed by its taste. After the dinner, they went into a karaoke. Masatoshi said that he looks forward to see Jay again and to work with him. 


He has updated the blog on the mobile site without photo yesterday night; and today he has talked about the dinner with Jay, after the DVDs distribution. He has uploaded a photo from the Rainbow Bridge and a photo of him with Jay, at the restaurant. 

At the karaoke, he sang "Game of Love", saying he feels ashamed but happy that he sang his own song. He has also sung "Time is running out" by MUSE and "Slave to the Grind" by SKID ROW. He asked which songs everyone sings when they go to karaoke.


He has talked about his wisdom teeth, which hurts him since some days already, but it seems that it hurts him more from yesterday. He has talked about the one that the dentist has already pulled out, saying that he has found also dental caries at the same time. He asked if everyone had some dentist memories. He said that there are 2 weeks until Shindy's birthday event and he looks forward to it.

No  news from Takuma for these two days.

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