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On the 2nd, he went to the office with the other members to burn DVDs for a new distribution the day after. The band has also did a photo session for the official mobile site (this is not online yet).
Shindy made pastas and proudly showed it, stating what is composing the sauce : tomato paste, onion, garlic, red pepper, white wine, salt and pepper. He has took a photo, pulling his tongue. He said that he has a strange lump on it, because of a tongue piercing hole he did a few years ago. He asked how many piercings everyone had. 

Today, he has talked about the DVDs distribution and thanked everyone who has received a DVD in the cold weather. This is the national spread plan of Anli ^^ 
He has talked again about piercings, saying that he has 3 piercing on the left and 2 to the right. He is thinking about re-challenging the tongue piercing. He tried to imitate a crying emoticon because of the cold outside and asked if he was similar. 

The band met Jay (staff for the European Tour at several dates), coming from France, and they had dinner with him. 


He has talked about the DVDs creation and uploaded a photo of his lunch. He told everyone that the pre-sales of the tickets for the next one-man is now ended and thanked them. 

Today he has talked about the distribution as well, noticing the cold. He has take a photo from a bridge and said that the band has handed more than 1000 DVDs this time. He doesn't have many time between the promotionnal activities and his personnal matters so he doesn't have a lot of spare time. Seems that he misses his nico broadcastings a lot. 

After the distribution, he tweeted a photo from the dinner with the members and Jay.


He has still no news about his lost wallet. He said that this is the second time that it happened in his life and now he feels naked without it. As his wallet contained important papers and insurance card, he sounds really worry. 
He has talked about the DVDs creation and the photo session, without details about this last information (though I guess we are all wondering and wanting to see those photos soon ^^). His nose was icthy and he wonders if it's a sign or not, telling everyone to be careful of the cold season. 

Today he has talked about the DVDs distribution in the cold and thanked the persons who have received it. He has took a photo from the dinner with the members and uploaded a photo of the band on the mobile site.


He has thanked also the persons who have received the DVDs ans asked everyone to come at the next one-man. He has talked also about the cold, saying that he should dress warm starting from now.


On the 2nd, he has tweeted during the creation of the DVDs at the office, talking about the cold weather.

Today he has updated his blog to talk about the DVDs distribution, like the others, he thanked everyone and told them to come to the one-man. He has uploaded a photo of the Rainbow Bridge, saying that it was a wonderful view. He has talked about the dinner with the members and Jay, saying that his stomach was full.

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