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On the 28th, the band was distributing flyers, accompanied by free dvds in a way to promote themselves. It was raining again, but Takuma was cheerful and wanted the band to get more known. He took a picture with Shindy and Kiyozumi in the back.

At the end of  the day he was really tired because he walked a lot. He has talked about the booking day for the one-man tickets and then said that he will work hard.

Yesterday was a re-recording session for the new song, at Yo-1's place. Takuma took a photo with Baron and uploaded it on the mobile site.

He has also talked about his first guitar, the first "victim of the flying squirrel". He has carved it with a chisel and painted the scars in red. When he thinks about it now, he thinks that it was cruel. 


Shindy has also talked about the flyers distribution in the rain, saying that they made it in a short time but thanked the people who have received it in the rain. He practiced guitar for the first time since ages for the arrangements of the new song at Yo-1's house. 

He has talked about the watch he wears in the second photo, saying that he got it recently and it was cute. Yo-1 was surprised that he was wearing it at the right wrist, and Shindy explained the fact that he does not wear a watch often so he ignored where he should wear it.
He has also uploaded a photo of his practice with the guitar on the mobile site.

Yesterday, he has talked about the good weather and that he did some housechores, saying that he had a "househusband" time. He has started to write lyrics for a new song and continued to play guitar


He has also talked about the rain on the 28th, thanking the persons who have received the flyers. He has wear the hat that Shindy offered to him at his birthday, asking if it was looking good on him.

The day after, he thanked everyone who had commented on his hat. The comments were good -obviously ^^-. He has stopped in front of a convenience store, noticing this ice cream, and bought it to taste it. Seems that he was impressed by its flavor. 


Masatoshi thanked everyone who received the flyers in the rain and cheered the band.

A photo from the last instore event has been uploaded on the mobile site.


No news about him except that he has updated his blog with the live schedule and the informations about the one-man ticket sales on the mobile site. 

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  1. I think this hat Yo-1 got as a present looks so stupid....... am I the only one?!

  2. xD I think it does not looks so good but it could have been worse x)


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