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Yesterday, he has talked about the pre-sales of the tickets for the one-man and tried to make a spicy bowl of food, adding mayonnaise with. He has also uploaded a photo of a drawing from a fan, wondering if there was a meaning behind the number 0018. 


He has updated his blog yesterday, saying that he fell asleep on his bath because it was hot but will never do it anymore because it is dangerous. He has talked about the cold weather, recommending to everyone to take care and take protection against the colds. 
Today he has updated the blog in the mobile site, with a photo of him and Takuma and Yoshihiro (Guild).


He has entitled his blog entry "あなた殺して私も死ぬわ", I kill you and I'll die too (if I don't make a mistake) and told that this is a part of the lyrics from the new song which will be played for the first time at the next one-man (09.12). It seems that had a hard time writing this song, doubting. But he thanked the readers of his blog who always cheers him. He told that he will continue to work hard and has write 40 unpublished lyrics for Anli so far !
As the weather is starting to get cold, he wears warm socks and took a photo of the pair he was wearing at the moment. This pair of socks was a gift from an eldery couple he met a few years ago in Helsinki during a travel. He thinks that such a present is better than any expensive gift.


He has also talk about the cold weather, saying that riding a bike without muffler or gloves was tiring. He asked everyone what was their favorite between summer and winter. He said that he prefered autumn. He also likes summer because of delicious ice cream. 
He has thanked everyone for all the gifts he has received for his birthday ; he came to take them at Euclid's office today and told that the weight of all of it was pleasant. 


He has finally finished the arrangements for the new song, so he is relieved. He has pasted the informations about the pre-sales for the one-man and told everyone to come and to invite friends to come etc... and because the one-man is also for celebrating Masatoshi's birthday, Takuma hopes that it will be a great one. He has talked also about something he received (from a fan probably, I didn't really understood...) and posted a photo of it. Seems that it is a mushroom shaped plush, as he really likes it ^^

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  1. this mushroom Takuma posted is very popular there atm... saw it in every game center (ufo catcher)
    they're all totally crazy about it XD
    I really can't understand it...

  2. Ah I can understand why he talked so much about it now xD Thank you ^^


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