Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 10.25.2012


He has talked about the guitar arrangements on the new song, working with Yo-1 so he will not sleep a lot to finish it. He thinks that the new song will be finished during this week ! He has also posted a photo with his orange juice and the stockings that Masa offered to Yo-1 on his birthday. 


He has talked about the chilly weather and asked if everyone was okay, worrying if they didn't catch a cold. Then, he decided to reveal his favorite recipe of a fast and delicious breakfast. He is recently addicted to this kind of bread. He cuts it in quarters and puts cheese on it, because he loves cheese and he wants to take a bath of cheese fondue, yes. And then, he puts it on the toaster range for 30 seconds (or let it melt in the microwave like he did). Seems that he is proud of this wonderful recipe and asked how everyone was enjoying their toasts.


He has talked about the second day of arrangements for the new song. He has worked a lot with Takuma today and told everyone to look forward for the premiere of this song at the next one-man. 
He has finally talked about the details for his new girl cosplay, saying that he will reveals it on November, the 1st and feels quite nervous. 

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