Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 10.24.2012


Yesterday, he has thanked everyone who has watched the nico nico live for Yo-1's birthday. He thinks that he drank too much champagne but it was a good atmosphere and there was a lot of fun. He asked if everyone drinks alcohol beverage usually - after the legal age of 20-, saying playfully that he has started when he was 18. 


He went to Yo-1's place on the morning to work on the arrangements of the new song. He took a picture of what he has bought because he was very hungry. He has add the informations about the tickets pre-sales of the one-man for the fan club and pasted the informations about the next events.


Today, he has updated the blog on the mobile site without photo and updated his blog, talking about the completion of the new song with Masatoshi. He wished good luck to Takuma because he is the next to work on it and the time limit is really short. He has uploaded a photo of Masatoshi, enjoying the drum part and told that himself was drinking too much coffee  and had not eat any meal yet when he wrote this entry. 


Yesterday on his blog he thanked everyone for watching the birthday of Yo-1 on nico nico and announced that the band has decided to broadcast once a month !

Today, a new photo of him during a previous instore event was uploaded on the mobile site.

On his blog, he has talked about the weather, afraid of catching a cold because of the temperature differences each days. He has bought a calendar today, with a luck charm on it. He was happy that today was sunny because the laundry can dry better.

No news from Takuma today.

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