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Kirin Works caught up with Anli Pollicino after their show in Prague...

Welcome back to Europe. This is your second European tour, how is it so far? 
: It’s been a really long tour, but it’s been fun and we’ve met a lot of different people.

Has there been a particular memory of your travels this time that will be quite memorable for you?
: Paris expo, because the crowd was huge and we got to meet lots of people and have fun.

How was the concert tonight?
Masatoshi: Really good, it’s been lots of fun.

Your new album ‘Tranceformer’ will be released next month. What can we expect to hear when we listen to the album? 

Shindy: On “Tranceformer” there is a newer sound for Anli Pollicino, our previous albums have been very U.K. in style, but on this album we have re-mixed older songs and now have a less U.K. sound. This is the new Anli sound.

Recently, you have covered the song ‘You Spin Me Right Round’. Who chose this song and why? 
: Everybody chose the song together, it shows the new step in the style of Anli Pollicino and we’re all fans of the song as well.

A lot of music fans admire musicians as influences in their lives... but what does your music mean to you? 
: Even when watching TV or eating. I’m always thinking about music and about making it.
Shindy: Ever since I was a child when I was 3. I knew music would be my fate.
Kiyozumi: Music is part of my body…myself.
Takuma: I have trouble expressing myself through words and conversation. So music is a way of expressing my feelings.
Yo-1. Like Takuma I can’t really express myself with words, but music is another form of communication in which I can express myself without words, but with feelings.

Do you have a favourite song to perform live? Why?
Masatoshi: Malignant Narcissism Because I made that song and it gives me an excited feeling!
Shindy: Slave Machine. The song title gives us and the audience a strong message with the strength of the lyrics.
Kiyozumi: Labyrinth. It brings us all together with the music and we all made it together so the audience can feel the togetherness.
Takuma: Game of Love because it gives a festival feeling and it gives us a fun and idiotic feeling!
Yo-1: Taste Me because it gives me a feeling of fun and I enjoy feeling this, its a really fun song.

Have any of you ever had any accidents on stage?Masatoshi: Lots of accidents…bass swinging and hitting in the face…hitting guitars… hitting cymbols.
Shindy: Swinging the microphone and hitting each other. We haven’t had any accidents in this tour yet though...

What is your favourite thing about each member of the band?
Masatoshi: Yo-1’s best thing is his cute smile. He’s very kind and thinks of others.
Yo-1: Takuma is the calming influence…He can get the audience going or get them to calm down.
Takuma: Kiyozumi is really positive with everything.
Kiyozumi: Shindy…uhm…*long pause*
Everyone: *laughs*
Kiyozumi: When you think of Anli Pollicino he’s the first thing that people think about…and he’s really cute…and….Gorgeous…

Shindy: Masa’s energy is very different from mine but we work perfectly together. I am like the fire and he is the water…so we are very different but it works.

What is the strangest thing you've been given by a fan?
: Pants! Saying…”Taste me” on them….we didn’t wear them…
Yo-1: They were girls pants…but Kiyozumi would wear them…

Finally a message for your fans in the UK?

: I’m really wondering when we can come because we really want to come! I want to eat roast beef! Let’s eat roast beef together!

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