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At the eve of his birthday he was really looking forward to be at the nico nico broadcasting. He thanked everyone on Twitter for all the birthday wishes starting from midnight. He tweeted a photo of his birthday wake at the moment, a salted pudding. Today he was really impatient to start the broadcasting and told to everyone to prepare some drinks to celebrate with them. 
The beginning of the broadcasting was not without problems because of the lack of sound but it went well after. They drank, opened the gifts and took the opportunity to announce all their next gigs to come. The videos will be uploaded tomorrow in the morning, but hopefully the first part will come tonight :) Check on Twitter @Anlifacts ^^
Yo-1 thanked everyone, telling that it was the best birthday with everyone. He has updated his blog, telling that there was around 500 people watching ! He told that he will do his best for this year and thanked again everyone. 


He has updated his blog, talking about the nico broadcasting and the start of Anli birthdays rush, starting from now. He told to everyone to have fun. At midnight he has uploaded a photo of Yoichi at a previous instore event, wishing him a happy "18th birthday".

After the nico broadcast, he thanked everyone, telling that there was nearly 600 people watching, correcting it on Twitter just after, telling that it was exactly 523 persons. He wished again a happy birthday to Yo-1 and wished him to have one of the best years. Later on Twitter he has uploaded a photo of sake, telling that he was drunk because of it. 


He tweeted around the start of the nico broadcasting, telling to everyone to wait a little more because of the blackscreen problem. On his blog after the broadcasting, he talked about Yo-1, telling that he was a hard worker and uploaded a photo of the guitarist, sleeping on the shoulder of Masatoshi during the tour.

He was amazed by the number of comments during the video (more than 9000).


He has wished Yo-1 a happy birthday and taled about the nico broadcast (before it started) telling everyone to come and watch.


He has talked about the comments he receives regarding his question about the words "I love you" (see the previous daily news). He is happy to be able to communicate with the fans through his blog. He talked about his phone fees, asking how much everyone paid each months.
He has updated his blog with the informations about a new live event scheduled for December the 29th at Ikebukuro Black Hole with bands such as Blitz, Serial Number, Gakido, N@h, Landz...

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