Posted by : Yeon Anlifacts 10.18.2012


Today was the start of the badges sales and Yo-1 was surprised and pleased to see that they've been sold out in just 15 minutes ! He has updated his blog just after, to tell the new and uploaded a photo of Yama-chan, holding the shoes that he has offered to the guitarist. 

Yo-1 really likes it and said that he will wear them at a gig. Seems that he is preparing some surprises for his birthday celebration on nico nico, and he asks to everyone to be there. He has also told that the details about his girl cosplay (gift to celebrate his 2000 followers on Twitter), will come soon.


He has updated his blog with the live schedule, announcing the new appearance of himself and Kiyozumi as session members for Litchi Hikari Club's gig on Sunday 30, December. (Tickets on sales starting from November, the 24th and pre-sales starting at mid-November). He his glad to be able to play again for LHC and thanked Hakuei and Kiyoshi (machine). 


He has talked about Yo-1's birthday event on nico nico and Shindy's birthday live event. He has talked also about mushrooms -which he seems to really love, mostly that brand-. He tried to remember why he loves that much mushrooms and seems that this is from his childhood, elementary school term. He really likes it cooked with soy sauce. 

No news from Shindy or Kiyozumi except that this last one has updated his blog with the informations about the live with LOST ASH for Shindy's birthday, and the mobile site blog without photo. 

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