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He has announced on Twitter that a special nico broadcast will be held for Yo-1's birthday on October the 22nd at 22.00 until 23.00 (JST) The link for the event is here
In his blog, he talked about the meeting and the flyers. The confort after the hard distribution under the cold rain was the ramen. He thanked all the persons who have take a flyer and posted a drawing (from a fan I guess ^^) 

He has also posted a photo from the meeting on the mobile site's blog.


Around 5pm he went to the meeting at Euclid's office and started by do the shooting for the chekis sold with his badges. At 10pm he finished the distribution of the flyers (under the rain), promoting the live event with Lost Ash for Shindy's birthday. He has updated his blog just after coming back home, telling to everyone to be careful not catching a cold and announce the nico broadcasting on Masa's channel. Seems that all the members will be present.

Later on Twitter he has posted a photo with his wet hair


The mobile site has been updated with a photo of him during one of the last instore events.

He has talked also about the flyers distribution and the meeting. Seems that the cold weather didn't bothered him. He has take also a ramen (the spicy one of course) so it warmed him. 


Like the others, he has talked about the meeting and the flyers distribution, looking forward to the live event for Shindy's birthday. He has found this brand of gum recently and bought it, thinking it would have a special taste but finally he thinks that it is really ordinary. He ate it at the office and Shindy teased him, saying that he will swell. He were plagued by abdominal pain like Masa had. He is wondering if everyone is ok.


He wonders if he looks like a witch today because of his outfit. He thanked everyone who has take a flyer in his cold rain. He wants to eat a pot and asked to everyone what they had eat for dinner. He has posted a photo he took with Koichi (Guild) that he has meet at the office.

Later he has posted the informations about Yo-1's birthday nico broadcast and the event with LOST ASH.

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