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The day started on Twitter with Masa's complain about Yama-chan's snorings, because Yo-1 couldn't sleep because of that. But seems that he forgot his resentment because he took some photos with Yama-chan during the trip to Kyoto. (well, for the last one he called him the sleeping primate...)

1 - 2 - 3

Photos from the breakfast : 1 - 2

After the makeup preparations he took a photo of Takuma.

A photo of Nagashima Super Land. And finally the live event with Guild and DOG in the PWO has started. Masatoshi has updated his blog, he was happy because it was a long time since they played the last time with Guild.
The set list :

2.Game of love
3.Taste me

He has took a photo with Takuma (bass for Guild) - and Takuma did the same on his own blog - and also a pic of Kiyo and himself with Yo-1.

And finally he has updated the mobile site with a photo of Takuma and Kiyozumi.


He has started the day by talking about Yama-chan's snorings. During the breakfast he took the photo of his tea. He has updated his blog just before taking a nap, talking about the live event, thanking everyone for coming. He has posted a photo of himself with Ryuichi, Yoshihiro and Takuma from Guild, saying that he will come back to Tokyo with  lot of memories about this wonderful expedition.


He woke up with tweeting about the "destructive power orchestra alarm of everyone" (I can guess that maybe everyone was screaming for trying to wake him up...xD). After the live, he has updated his blog posting photos of him and the guitarist Yoshihiro from Guild. -And Yoshihiro did the same -

He thanked everyone who came and for the letters he has received.


He have not talked much on Twitter but he has updated his blog, saying that it was the first time for them at Kyoto MUSE. He thanked Guild and posted a photo with Koichi (drummer of Guild) -same for Koichi -

He was nervous for this stage but he liked it thanks to the fans who always supportting him. He finished by saying to everyone to take care while coming back home.


He thanked Guild for the live event and posted a photo of him and Ryuichi (vocals for Guild)

He said he was curious about onsens but did not went to since his childhood.

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