Posted by : Nikki Copito 9.28.2012

Yo-1 (Yo-ichi):
Part: guitar & chorus & DJ
Birthday: 22/10
Born and raised : Tokyo and Niigata
Astrological sign: Libra
Height : 165cm
Weight : 52kg
Blood type: AB

Pets: 1 dog named Lucky
Hobbies: Reading, driving

More informations :

Strong point : Never gets angry
Likes : Books, Mika Ninagawa
Favorite song by Anli  : 'Taste Me', 'shirayuki'
Favorite colors : Yellow & Blue

Yo-1 (Youichi) is the guitarist, DJ and chorus vocalist of Anli Pollicino. Beside these onstage activities, he is also writing most of the songs for the band. He is often found in his room all day long, arranging new melodies and randomly posting Twitter images showing his working progress. He may sometimes seem very childlike, but actually he is always very hard working and drinks way too much coffee during these days. His charming point is definitive his sweet smile. Onstage he is often carried away by the music and teaches the fans how to dance along. He is described as extremely caring and very reliable by the other members and is also praised for his driving skills. He is the second driver of the band van across Japan, and luckily his driving skills are better than his geographical knowledge. The other members often make fun of him when he misspells a city name or mixes up kanji. But with such a bright and shining personality, no one can hold this against him. When he is not working, he has also a soft spot for anime and from time to time he talks about the latest movies he has seen at the cinema. Having known Takuma and Shindy since his early childhood, he shares a close bond with the members and he is never found to talk ill of anyone. Though he was degraded to Yo-2 for upsetting Takuma in his past, his clumsiness and his bad luck just adds up to his charm. Yo-1 is also known to be a big fan of Takuma’s guitar skills and praises him whenever there is the chance to.
Profile written by Cali

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