Posted by : Nikki Copito 9.28.2012

Shindy (real name Shinya)
Part: Vocal
Birthday: 21/11
Born and raised : Tokyo

Astrological sign: Scorpio
Height : 170cm
Weight : 56kg
Blood type: B
Cigarettes: No Smoking
Favourite things: Chrome Hearts, Tim Burton movies
Hobbies: Travels, Watching movies

Pets: 2 rats

More informations :

Likes : Disney, Harry Potter, dogs
Favorite song by Anli : 'Snow Venus'

Shindy is the vocalist of Anli Pollicino. Together with Kiyozumi he decided to form a band, stopping him from going to the US as he had originally planned. After having various support members, he persuaded Takuma and later on Yo-1 to join them. With his breathtaking handsomeness he easily steals the spotlight during interviews. Especially his honest smile catches the hearts of his fans with ease. His high quality vocals are Anli Pollicino’s trademark, not only on records but also live onstage. Even though his vocalist qualities are top ranked, he is also able to play the drums and the piano pretty well. Shindy is also the one who writes all the lyrics for the songs he gets from Yo-1 and Takuma. His lyrics cover any known emotion and always reflect the melody of the songs perfectly. He loves pets a lot and often talks very emotional about his dog from his childhood or also about the rats he used to keep. He is very friendly, talkative and enjoys the communication with the fans, for instance having hosted Shindy’s café, a Nico Nico video program in which he would answer the questions from fans. Of course he also has a weak spot; probably being the reincarnation of Cleopatra, he is deadly afraid of snakes. 

Profile written by Cali

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