Posted by : Nikki Copito 9.28.2012

Kiyozumi (清淳) 
Part: Drums
Birthday: 26/2
Born and raised : Sumida River
Astrological sign: Pisces
Height : 171cm
Weight : 65 kg
Blood type: O
Cigarettes: KENT One Menthol
Hobbies: Travelling alone

More informations :

Strong point : Serious, lively
Weak point : Break things easily
Likes : natto, ramen, sake, spicy food
Favortite songs by Anli : 'Labyrinth', 'Obsession'

Persuading Shindy into forming a band, Kiyozumi is the secret founder of Anli Pollicino. Onstage he seems to have nerves of steel, but he admitted that he often can’t sleep the night before a live. Never missing a beat, his personality is shining onstage when he is energetically playing the drums and making sure everyone is having a good time. As a typical drummer he is surrounded by a cool aura, but actually he is responsible for the cheerfulness among the members and often makes them laugh with his death voice and imitations, for instance the famous Kiyo-Mama episodes. Even though his taste in food seems to be rather dubious, he is a very good cook and is often praised by the other members. He loves extremely spicy food, but usually keeps it low when cooking for his friends. Regarding the other members Kiyo is the right person to talk to when there are problems – his contagious calmness reassures whoever needs his assistance. He often drives the van to all the different live house locations across Japan. He was said to be a rather fast but safe driver, but lately he seems to have cooled down as the others are not complaining about him anymore. However, although he is such an all-rounder, even he has got a weak spot: he is afraid of dogs.

Profile written by Cali

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