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- Kiyozumi (dr.) asked to Shindy (vo.) to start a session project.
- Takuma (gt.), friend of Shindy, join the band.
- First live at Ikebukuro CYBER (Tokyo) in July.

- First maxi single 'Pride' is released in April.
- Yo-1 (gt.) join the band in September.

- The song 'brave' is released in a compilation named "RUIDO NOW".

- Session bass Masatoshi joins officially the band in August.
- First mini album "Fahrenheit 31" is released under Zany Zap label.
- First one-man at Ikebukuro CYBER (Tokyo) in November.
- Release of the single Street Smarts/Mr.0 in December.

- Second one-man at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE.
- Release of the single Labyrinth/Taste Me in February.
- Release of the single Snow Venus/SLUM JUMP in March.
- First European Tour with 19 shows in 7 countries.
- Release of the single Slave Machine/L'étoile Filante in June.
- Third one-man at Shibuya Chelsea Hotel.
- Activity suspended in July because of Shindy's hospitalisation.
- Takuma participates as a session member for two bands shows at the end of July.
- End of the contract with Euclid Agency in September. The band doesn't renew it.
- Activity restarts on October under Backstage Project staffs agency.

- Release of the maxi single "Rondo" in June accompanied by a one-man at Shibuya Boxx.
- Release of the maxi single "Devilish Eyes" in August accompanied by a one-man at Shibuya Boxx.
- The band re-signs under Euclid Agency in October.
- Release of the maxi single "Game of Love" in November.

- Masatoshi, Takuma and Kiyozumi started to be a part of the musical project Litchi Hikari Club with Hakuei (machine, PENICILLIN).
- Release of the album "Life is Beautiful" in Europe in May.
- Release of the first Promotional Video of the band for the cover song 'You Spin Me Round (like a record)' in June.
- Second European Tour during the summer.
- First SOLD OUT for the final one-man of the European Tour in August the 18th at Takadanobaba CLUB PHASE (Tokyo).
- Release of the album "TRANCEFORMER" in June (digital) and August (physical) with a new song '[S]adistic [M]ania'.
- The band opens their official mobile site on October with a special member access for exclusive videos, blog entries and more
- Yo-1 starts to be also a DJ for the band
- An event or a one-man is organized for each members birthday and the band is promoting in instore events as well as distributing flyers and free DVDs in the streets
- Masatoshi and Kiyozumi takes part of 2 one-man of Litchi Hikari Club and they also shot the PV of "Dark Night" with Takuma
- A new song called "Kissing the Shadows" is played for the first time at a one-man in December
- The band decides to air a nico nico show once per month


- After some live events, Anli Pollicino becomes the Opening Act Artist for every concert dates of their agency mate GUILD, making a national tour
- In the same time of this tour, the band continues the live events and the free DVDs distribution around Tokyo
- Shindy starts his own nico nico show called "Shindy's cafe" and Masatoshi starts with Yo-1 their "nico radio"
- Two new songs are played in the SOLD OUT one man in May: "Angel Heart", and "katte ni shiagare", a cover of a song from the 70s by Sawada Kenji.
- The first Live DVD is released in July, filmed at the SOLD OUT one-man of May at Shibuya Chelsea Hotel
- A new song is written for the first time by Kiyozumi, but no news are given about the title, or the day it will be first played
- A new song has been played during a one-man in the summer, composed by Masatoshi, but no definitive title has been chosen yet.
- The 3 one-man scheduled for November in are SOLD OUT

New single "Angel Heart" is released on January the 1st. The single hits the 14th place in Oricon Indies charts, behind Guild and Golden Bomber
- The band holds a one-man in January at Shinjuku BLAZE which has a capacity of 800 persons.
- The band starts a 8 cities tour in the winter, and then a big summer tour with 22 performances
- A new album names "ELECTRIC ROMANCE" is announced for March the 26th, with 7 new songs included
- During those 2 tours, the band continues the promotions of "Angel Heart" and "ELECTRIC ROMANCE" with insore events through the country.
- A new song named "Memories" is played during every show of the summer tour Electric Romance tour Ver 2.2

- A new live DVD is announced for February
- The band announces that they are going to release 12 new songs during the year, one each month with constellations theme.
- They also will have a new national tour during summer "STARGAZER TOUR"
- Release of first half of the year constellations songs, "Stargazer vol.1" with also a cover song "さそり座の女"

- The band is releasing a new live DVD as well as the mini album "Stargazer vol.2" with a new cover song "Shooting Star"
- They are having a busy schedule with 2 national tours.
- On April 30th, a sudden announcement is made, saying that Masatoshi is leaving the band due to personal reasons. The band continues activities with 4 members without support bass.
- The band release a new single named "Alternative Mirage" in 4 different versions in which features  the voices of the members as back vocals in side tracks.

To be continued...

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