NEW GOODS for Anli Pollicino Best Album Release "Perfect Package " 

NEW GOODS for the "Perfect Package" memorial One-man .they will be on sales the 7th of April at Ebisu performance that start at 2pm
 Prior sales can also be used if you do not have a live ticket
*for each 2500 ¥ purchase you get 1 cheki as a gift

◆ Face Towel 
Best Album "Perfect Package of Anli Pollicino" Specifications Design. 
A motif of "A" stands out in the red background! 
Color: Black × Red 
Size:  W80 × H34 cm 
price: ¥ 1,600 (tax included)

◆ BIG T-shirt 
Body color: Black 
size: one size (Length about 78 cm, width of a garment about 60 cm, sleeve length about 53 cm) 
price: ¥ 3,300 (tax included)

◆ Photo Set (2018_B) Photo  
It is a set of 5 photos . 
price: ¥ 1,000 (tax included)

◆ Live Photo Set 
last November 19 Shinjuku BLAZE Performance Live Photo  
It is an 8 piece set of 2 individuals each. 
price: ¥ 1,200 (tax included)

◆ Unknown Cheki 
Member Cheki (wearing past costumes) 1 piece entered! 
Specification: 80 pocket / Cheki 160 sheets storage possibility. 
¥ 1,600 (tax included) 
* There are 2 members (8 kinds in all ) in past costumes.

◆ Photoset card   
One set of member cheki (past costume / present costume / goods T shirt wearing) is included in the set per hit. 
1 set 5 pieces 
Price: ¥ 500 (tax included)

◆Silicon bracelet
"PPAP" specification silicon band! In addition to black and red this time member image colors increased! 
Color: Black × Red, Red × Black, Pink × Black, Purple × Black, Green × Black 
price: ¥ 600 (tax included)

◆ Gacha (additional) 
· 2 can badges (8 kinds in all) 
· hand towel (4 kinds in all) 
· acrylic charm (4 kinds in all) 
¥ 500 (tax included) 

◆ Deadly Dance TOUR Finish Thanksgiving Lucky Bag
The lucky bag will contain the privious goods which cost ¥7500
price: ¥2500


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New live DVD finally released

Title: 30都市ワンマンツアー「Deadly Dance TOUR」at 新宿BLAZE 2017.11.19

Date of release: April 1st
The DVD will only be sold in official shop silkroad (online encluded)

Price:  ¥ 4.200 + tax (total of 4.536)


[DISC 1] 74minutes
[DISC 2] 83minutes

*note: there's no informations about the content (how many/titles songs)
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We are giving away a box full of Anli Pollicino goods for the new year! The box is containing a tee-shirt, a towel, lot of photos and goods as well as a cheki of your choice! (Takuma or Shindy)
See below how to participate!

Anli Pollicino Wolrd big giveaway

[ENDED] Big Anli Pollicino giveaway!

Posted by Yeon Anlifacts
The first best album of the band will be released on January 31st, but you can already reserve it on silkroadstore!

Reservation period: December 1st to December 14th
Date of shipment: January 29th


First Press Limited Edition [CD+DVD] ¥3,980 + tax

2.Taste Me 
3.Snow Venus 
4.Slave Machine 
5.Game Of Love 
6.Angel Heart 
8.Lips to Lips 
17.Heaven's Door (New song)

1.Labyrinth - 2016.11.20 at TSUTAYA O-EAST - 
2.Taste Me - 2016.11.20 at TSUTAYA O-EAST - 
3.Snow Venus - 2014.11.28 at 恵比寿 LIQUIDROOM - 
4.Slave Machine - Live MV - 
5.Game Of Love - MV - 
6.Angel Heart - MV - 
7.Limit - 2016.11.20 at TSUTAYA O-EAST - 
8.Lips to Lips - MV - 
9.LOVE☆マジカル - 2014.11.28 at 恵比寿LIQUIDROOM - 
10.Memories - 2014.7.12 at 新宿BLAZE - 
11.白百合ヴァネッサ - Live MV - 
12.見返りZAKURA - MV - 
13.NONONON - Live MV - 
14.匣庭エクスタシー - Live MV - 
15.さそり座の女 - MV - 
16.AMBIVALENT - 2016.11.20 at TSUTAYA O-EAST - 
17.Heaven's Door (新曲) - 2017.11.19 at 新宿BLAZE - 

+ recording offshots

Regular edition [CD only] ¥2,480 + tax

same tracklist as above

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Anli Pollicino made an appearance in Nico Visu


Nico Visu (05.23.17)

Posted by Yeon Anlifacts
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Lyrics: Shindy
Music; Yo-1

Kanji (©Cali)

Blind Bird 回せルーレット 探せ運命 逃げたくないなら 途中で降りてちゃ 変われないさ 回せDJ 踊れ人生 髪振り乱して 開かないドアなら 壊してみて 何もかもが まだ うまく操れない my life. I know 無視している The Blind また 瞳閉じたまま 冷めたふり ただ続けてくの 回れMusic 踊れHeart beat 作り物のSmile 波長が合わない 人はスルーして 誰も知らない あの空を飛びたいよ my heart. I know また泣いてる My Bird また 飛べない翼を 今日も誰かのせいにしてる 何もかも 何もかもが まだ うまく操れない my life. I know 無視している The Blind ただ きつく閉じたYour heart. Show me now. Ah, 開いてあげたい

Romanji (©Cali)

Mawase ruuretto sagase unmei nigetakunainara Tochuu de oritecha kawarenaisa Mawase DJ odore jinsei kamifuri midashite Hirakanai doa nara kowashitemite Nanimokamo ga mada umaku ayatsurenai my life. I know mushi shiteiru The Blind mata hitomi tojitamama sametafuri tada tsudsuketeku no Maware Music odore Heart Beat tsukurimono no Smile Hachuu ga awanai hito wa suruu shite Daremo shiranai ano sora wo tobitai yo my heart. I know mata naiteru My Bird mata tobenai tsubasa wo kyou mo dareka no sei ni shiteru Nanimokamo Nanimokamo ga mada umaku ayatsurenai my life. I know mushi shiteiru The Blind tada kutsuku tojita your heart. Show me now. Ah, hirakite agetai

Translation (©Cali)

Whilst I don’t want to escape the hunted fate of the turning roulette I can’t change the descending midway The spinning DJ makes the hair of the dancing crowd fly I try to break the door which would not open Still everything cannot be controlled well in my life. I know I am ignoring it. The Blind again. With my eyes shut tightly, I just successively pretend to freeze inside. The turning music, the dancing heart beat and the fake smile. The wavelength won’t combine, but the people are ignoring it. I want to fly in the sky that nobody knows, my heart. I know, I cry again. My Bird can’t fly today for anyone with these wings again. Everything Still everything cannot be controlled well in my life. I know I am ignoring it. The Blind, your heart is just tightly closed. Show me now. Ah, I want to open it for you.

[KAN/ROM/ENG] Blind Bird

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To celebrate Kiyozumi's upcoming birthday, we will make one of our dear followers win a special box full of Kiyozumi goods! 

From February 18th to February 25th


4 photos of Kiyozumi + 1 of Anli Pollicino
1 cheki
1 pen
2 bracelets
4 straps
3 keychains
8 badges
1 screen cleaner
1 magnet

How to participate?
Follow the steps here:

Kiyozumi Birthday Giveaway

[ENDED] Kiyozumi birthday giveaway

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The last tour final one-man will be released as a DVD, check out the following informations!

Title: 「全国ツアー2016 Grand Final「AnREMIX PolliDISCO」at TSUTAYA O-EAST 2016.11.20」

Pre-order period from silkroad: 
December 27, 2016 (Tue 17: 00 ~ January 9, 2017 (Mon) 23: 59)

Date of shipment; February 12, 2017 (Sunday)

Pre-order gift: Signing session somewhere in Tokyo on March 12th

Price: ¥ 3,800 + Tax


[DISC 1]
01. オープニング動画
02. Labyrinth
03. 純潔CRUSH
04. Off Shot 1 
06. Angel Broken
07. Taste Me
08. Off Shot 2
09. Alternative Mirage
10. L'étoile filante
11. Limit
12. Peaceful Sleep
14. Over Here, Over There
15. Off Shot 3
16. Lips to Lips
17. 62 -sixxx two- 
18. Slave Machine
19. Street smarts
20. Game Of Love
21. Off Shot 4

[DISC 2]
01. 白百合ヴァネッサ(Acoustic ver.)
02. Off Shot 5
03. Blind Bird

06. Endless love, Empty heart
07. Off Shot 6

09. Colors
10. エンディング

src: OHP
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